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Hiscox specialises in business insurance across many different industry sectors, helping firms of all sizes to prepare for the risks they face every day. 

Our wide range of cover types means we can help everyone from small businesses right through to large organisations to build an insurance package to meet their specific needs. 

Insuring your business with industry-specific cover— an insurance package made up of the insurance products most relevant to you — gives you comprehensive insurance in a single, tailored policy. So whether you're a one-man-band drumming up business as a consultant, or a start-up gardening business, you'll find the cover you need.

If you're looking for business insurance in any of the following sectors then skip ahead and start finding out about the insurance available to you:

A developer reviewing code on his screen

IT and technology businesses

As an IT and technology business, you’ll be working with expensive equipment and sensitive client data. Insurance means you’re protected against the things you can’t see coming. We insure a range of professions, from IT consultants to web designers and web developers.

Business insurance for IT and technology business

A consultant looking at charts on their tablet

Management consultants

As a business and management consultant, insurance matters. Your integrity is critical to the success of your business, both personally and professionally, but it’s not always plain sailing.

Business insurance for management consultants

A coach speaking to a group of people

Coaching, training and education

As a professional in coaching, training or education, insurance is a key part of your business plan. You need to know that you and those you’re responsible for are protected. We insure specific professions, including tutors and private teachers.

Business insurance for coaching, training and education

Marketing professionals brainstorming

Advertising and creative businesses

In fast-paced, creative industries like marketing and media, insurance is really important. You’ll be working with intellectual property every day, so you need to know you’re covered. We insure a range of marketing and media professions, from graphic designers and digital marketing agencies to videographers and photographers.

Business insurance for advertising and creatives

A shop owner closing up for the day

Retail and shops

When you’ve worked hard to build your business, it’s important to protect it. Your stock, your premises and your good name all matter, so make sure they’re covered. We cover specific business types including shops as well as specific trades such as jewellers, antique dealerstravel agents and florists.

Business insurance for retail and shops.

A group of people holding their yoga mats in the studio

Health and wellbeing businesses

Whether you’re a yoga instructor, a dietician or you practice reiki, your job is all about helping people, so you need the confidence of knowing you’re properly covered. We insure a range of professions, from massage therapists and personal trainers to dentists and opticians.

Business insurance for health and wellbeing businesses

A hairdresser styling a customer's hair

Hair and beauty businesses

You enjoy working with your clients to give them the look they want, but for your hair and beauty business, insurance matters if things don’t work out as planned. We insure a range of professions, from hairdressers and barbers to beauticians and nail technicians.

Business insurance for hair and beauty businesses

An engineer at a construction sight, wearing a high visibility vest

Design and construction

Design and construction is an exciting field, but big projects can mean complications and misunderstandings. Business insurance provides peace of mind if things don’t go to plan. We insure a range of professions, from architectsengineers and assessors to electricians, carpenters and landscapers.

Business insurance for design and construction

Two people at a cafe having coffee and a croissant

Food and drink businesses

Whether you own a coffee shop or a health food business, you’re dedicated to providing the highest quality. Insurance means peace of mind to do what you do best. We insure a range of businesses, from caterers to restaurants.

Business insurance for food and drink businesses

A finance professional looking at charts on their computer

Financial and legal businesses

For professionals working in financial or legal businesses, the right insurance policy is an essential part of protecting yourself, your clients, your company and your good reputation. We insure a range of professions, including accountants and insurance brokers.

Business insurance for financial and legal businesses

Volunteers planting trees

Not-for-profit organisations

If you’re running a not-for-profit organisation, insurance is an important step towards making sure you can deal with the unexpected and continue with the good work you do. We insure a range of business types, including charities.

Business insurance for not-for-profit organisations

An estate agent handing a key over to a new tenant

Estate and letting agents

For estate and letting agents insurance means confidence and peace of mind to do your job. While you’re busy doing your best for your customers, you need to be protected. We also insure property management businesses.

Business insurance for estate and letting agents

A complaint handler about to make a call

Complaint handlers

As a professional complaint handler, insurance is there to protect you from disagreements, misunderstandings and the things that just don't go to plan, despite your best efforts.

Business insurance for complaint handlers

An event organiser

Event and wedding organisers

For event and wedding organisers, insurance is critical. You work hard to deliver the perfect occasion but you need to be protected against disagreements and even injuries. We can also insure performance venues.

Business insurance for event and wedding organisers

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