We offer small business insurance that’s suited to the risks you face. 

When you’ve invested so much in building a business, keeping it running and thriving is a priority. From the space you occupy, to the people you employ and any day-to-day operations, make sure you’re protected at every turn with the right business insurance.

Hiscox can help you identify the risks unique to your business and provide the right policy to protect it against claims. It’s just one of the reasons why we’ve achieved a 94% customer satisfaction rating, and why we've been named Best Small Business Insurance Provider for 8 years running. 

Whether you’re a consultant based at home or an SME with multiple offices, you’ll find commercial insurance from Hiscox designed to cover your specialist business needs.

Our commercial policies range from specialist cyber and data risk insurance to protect you from digital threats, to cover against costly legal action. If the going gets tough, we can cover you from legal advice and defence, through to compensation.

Business insurance quotes from Hiscox start from £105 a year*. As part of your business insurance, you’ll receive:

  • 0% interest on Direct Debits
  • immediate business insurance coverage and documentation
  • no admin fees if you amend your policy
  • a range of cover limits to suit your unique business needs
  • professional cover from the winners of Best Small Business Insurance Provider.

Find out what products are available for your profession and get a business insurance quote today.

*figures based on policies from at least 10% of our customers

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Select the products that meet your needs and receive a tailored business insurance quote in minutes. We offer a range of commerical covers to protect your business from the risks it might face, such as damage to your business equipment, tax disputes and protection against other costly legal claims.

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Professional indemnity insurance can protect you and your small business against the cost of settling or defending a client’s claim that there’s a problem with the work you’ve done for them.

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Public liability insurance covers the cost of settling or defending a claim for bodily injury or property damage from a client or a member of the public.

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Employers’ liability insurance covers the cost of defending or settling an employee’s claim that they have suffered bodily injury or disease as a result of the work they do for you. It covers the legal and compensation costs for these claims. Most businesses with employees are legally required to have it, and it is therefore available in many small business insurance packages.

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Commercial legal protection insurance covers you for legal action taken against your business, such as disputes about contracts, debt collection, damage to property and bodily injury. It covers the costs of legal advice and representation, and compensation pay outs.

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What's the right insurance cover for my business?

The level of commercial insurance you require is dependent on the relationships your business relies on; clients, members of the public, the people you employ and any third parties you work with.

In the UK, businesses are required by law to have employer's liability insurance to protect against employee claims for injury or illness as a result of their work.

Outside of compulsory policies, you may be required by clients or other professional bodies to have specific types and amounts of insurance. Building a comprehensive business insurance policy which includes the professional indemnity required, public liability insurance, and specialist covers such as cyber insurance, will provide protection in moments of crisis

Hiscox can offer you more information about each of our covers online or over the phone with our UK based commercial insurance experts.


Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity cover can help protect you against the cost of defending or settling a client's claim of negligence or error on your part. It offers vital protection should someone want to seek compensation from you due to the work you have done for them.

You could benefit from professional indemnity insurance if you:

  • offer advice to clients
  • have access to or knowledge of clients' confidential information
  • provide a professional service that could be challenged
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Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance protects your business against the cost of settling or defending a claim for bodily injury or property damage from a client or member of the public. It’s designed to cover you for all the slips, trips and falls in the workplace which inflict injury or damage.


Employers' liability insurance

We also offer employers’ liability insurance, which protects your business against the cost of settling or defending a claim from an employee who says that they have been injured or become ill as a result of their work

Cyber and data risks insurance

Cyber and data insurance covers a wide range of digital threats; from extortion, data theft and hacking, to phishing attacks. If your business is interrupted by a cyber attack or a hacker holds your data hostage, we have a team of people to help get you back up and running. If you hold sensitive customer data or are reliant on computer systems to operate your business, you may need cyber protection.

Find out more about Hiscox Cyber and Data Risks Insurance


If you haven't found the information you need, see if we've caught your query in our FAQ section below, or visit our business insurance FAQ hub to find answers to questions on policies, quotes, and payments.

The cost of business insurance will vary depending on the size of your business, the type of work you do, and the type of insurance you need. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we tailor our policies to each customer.

Hiscox business insurance quotes start from £105 a year for comprehensive protection from the risks you face. By building a commercial policy specifically for your business you only pay for the cover you need.

To find out how much insurance will cost for your business, click to get a quote online in minutes.

The type of business insurance you need will depend on your business and what you need to protect. There are several standard commercial policies that organisations and clients may expect your business to have in place, others are legal requirements.

Your clients may require you to hold certain types and amounts of insurance as part of your contract. Check you contract carefully to understand what they require. Similarly, if you are a member of a professional body, you may be required to hold certain insurance.

Some of the most common types of cover and who they benefit are listed below:

  • If you provide professional services to clients you may need Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect your business from claims made against you by clients who are unhappy with your work.
  • Most businesses will interact with clients or the public and so will need Public Liability Insurance to protect them from claims that they are responsible for someone being injured, or for someone’s property being damaged.
  • If your business has employees, you may be legally required to hold Employers’ Liability Insurance to protect you if an employee becomes sick or is injured as a result of their work.
  • If you own business equipment, such as a laptop or computer used for commercial purposes, or if you have your own office, you may need Office Insurance.

Read More in our guide to the different types of business insurance

The amount of business insurance you need will depend on your business and the potential claims you might face.

Your clients may require you to hold a certain amount of insurance as part of your contract. If you are concerned about potential claims that could be made against you by a client, you should consider the total amount they are paying you, and the total value of the project you are working on, as these can help you estimate the size of a potential claim.

If you are a member of a professional body, they may require you to hold a certain amount of insurance.

If you are looking to protect the contents of your office, shop or workplace, you should insure the full replacement value of your contents. If you do not insure your contents for their full value, this could reduce the amount we pay out in the event of a claim.


Your home insurance probably includes cover for the contents of your home. However, many home insurance policies have terms and conditions which mean they will not cover you to run a business from your home.

Some insurers may not cover items used for business purposes and may not, therefore, cover you if someone visits your house for business purposes and sustains an injury. To make sure you are covered appropriately, you may want to take out dedicated business insurance for contents and Public Liability.

Read our guide to public liability insurance for home businesses to find out more about what types of cover you may need.


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Other commercial business insurance

From covering you for accidents to the contents of your office – wherever it may be – we provide additional business insurance solutions across a wide range of areas.

Personal accident insurance pays out a lump sum if you or a crucial member of staff is injured and unable to work as a result.

Office contents insurance can cover your business equipment in case it’s accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. This includes your office electrics, furniture and documents, and covers the cost of repair and replacement. You can even choose to cover items on the move including your laptops and mobile phones.

As a company director, by law, you have unlimited personal liability. Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance covers the legal and compensation costs of claims made against the director, partner or officer of your business.

Commercial legal protection insurance protects your business against legal claims including tax enquiries and disputes over employment, contracts and bodily injury. It covers the cost of legal advice and defence and any compensation you may need to pay.

Professional treatment liability insurance covers you for compensation payouts if a client claims they’ve become ill or injured as a result of your treatment or advice.

If you insure your business with us, you can access expert advice and resources about minimising risk for your business by adding Business HR Solutions to any of the policies you currently have with us.

If you're a specialist independent retailer in the UK, we have insurance tailored to your needs. We offer a flexible approach to provide complete cover that best suits your business.

If you're an independent trades and construction contractor in the UK, we have tradesman insurance options tailored to suit you.

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  • 0% interest on Direct Debits
  • Immediate coverage and documentation
  • No admin fees if you amend your policy

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