Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance means peace of mind for you and your clients. Whatever business you’re in, you work hard to provide the best service you can and that’s what your clients expect. But things don’t always go to plan.

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Professional indemnity insurance explained

Nobody expects to make mistakes, but they still happen and they can cost your clients money. When things go wrong, whether it’s your fault or it’s down to someone else in your business, Hiscox professional indemnity insurance can cover you for up to £10 million for legal costs, compensation and expenses.

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About professional indemnity insurance

What does professional indemnity cover do?

It’s there to help your business deal with legal action and claims for compensation when you or someone in your business gets it wrong. It protects you when a client’s reputation is damaged or they lose money and they blame your business. If they decide to come after you for money, we’ll cover you.

When should I get professional indemnity insurance?

Some professional bodies and regulators require businesses to have professional indemnity insurance, but anyone providing professional services or handling client data and intellectual property should have it too. Mistakes happen and even if it’s not your fault, you could still be challenged. If an employee gets it wrong, or even if you feel there’s no mistake at all, you may still have to defend yourself.

How much professional indemnity cover will I need?

How much you need depends on the likely costs of things going wrong in your line of business and it should be enough to cover the cost of defending or settling any claims you might face. To calculate the right level, it’s important to check your contracts and the value of your projects, and talk with peers or a professional body. We’ll tailor your policy to suit your needs, so you’re properly protected.

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All you need to know about professional indemnity insurance

Watch our short video guide to getting professional indemnity cover in place.

Where professional indemnity cover can help

Fixing mistakes

Business is demanding and things do go wrong. Maybe an employee misinterprets something along the way between you and your client – it could be as simple as a misprint that goes to press. But 50,000 copies later you’re looking at an expensive and embarrassing mistake. We’ll cover the costs of putting it right.

Loss of data

We all need to take data security seriously. But losing data isn’t just about leaving a laptop on a train. Data can be hacked or even accidentally shared with the wrong person – it takes a second to hit ‘reply to all’ by mistake. Losing client data, documents and intellectual property can lead to an expensive claim being made against you. We’ll cover you for that.

Unhappy clients

Sometimes there’s no clear mistake. You did your job to the best of your ability and for some reason, your client isn’t happy. They may decide your work or advice cost them money and make a claim against you. Right or wrong, if they do, we’ll cover your costs.

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What’s included in your professional indemnity cover

We’ll cover you if:

  • Anyone in your business gets it wrong and it ends up costing your client time and money.
  • You use intellectual property rights like trademarks without permission – it’s easy to do without realising.
  • You say the wrong thing. You’re covered when clients feel you’ve made or supported negative statements.
  • Sharing information you weren’t supposed to share. If you’ve shared sensitive client information without realising, or without permission.
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