Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance means peace of mind for you and your clients if things don't go exactly to plan. Whatever business you’re in, you work hard to provide the best service you can and that’s what your clients expect. Don't let an unexpected error trip up or define your business, make sure you have the right cover in place to keep on moving.


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What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is there to protect your business if a client alleges that there are faults in your work. Nobody expects to make mistakes, but they still happen and they can cost your clients money. PI insurance can cover against negligence, breach of confidential information or data, and poor advice which results in a financial loss for your client.

When things go wrong, whether it’s your fault or it’s down to someone else in your business, Hiscox professional indemnity insurance can cover you for up to £10 million for compensation costs and legal expenses, so you can keep running your business as usual.

Want to know more? See our FAQ guide What is professional indemnity insurance?


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As part of your tailored PI policy, Hiscox offer:

  • Flexible PI policies: get the level of protection you need
  • Receive up to £100 if you refer a friend for Hiscox business insurance – T&Cs apply
  • Cover up to £10 million: for legal costs and compensation
  • No administration fees: amend your cover as your needs change
  • Specialist knowledge: industry-specific policies for the best protection


Build a tailored professional indemnity insurance policy based on your business’s specific needs and risks.

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About professional indemnity insurance

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All you need to know about professional indemnity insurance

Watch our short video guide to getting professional indemnity cover in place.

What professional indemnity insurance covers

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What’s included in your policy

  • Professional negligence:
    Somebody in your business slips up or doesn’t apply due diligence and it ends up costing your client time and money.
  • Poor business advice:
    Somebody in your business offers a client advice that leads them to make a financial loss.
  • Infringing intellectual property rights:
    You unintentionally use intellectual property rights like trademarks and content without permission.
  • Breach of confidence:
    You share a client’s intellectual data or confidential information or a security breach occurs putting your client’s data at risk - even if unintentionally.
  • Defamation:
    You produce or support slanderous statements about a person or organisation.
Real Life Hiscox Claims Stories

Claims could be prompted by any of the above. For real examples and case studies of indemnity insurance protecting UK businesses, visit our professional indemnity claims stories.

Professional Indemnity Insurance FAQs

Read our FAQs of popular questions about public liability insurance to find answers to questions on policies, quotes, and payments.

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*This is based on 12.4% of our customers who purchased professional indemnity in 2019.