Business insurance for Writers and authors

When you do business as a writer, insurance can help offset the risks associated with your activities, such as accidents at promotional events, equipment problems and contractual disputes. 

A freelance writer or published author may have a way with words, but industry risks can come with price tags you can’t negotiate – business insurance works to take the heat off. Whether you write articles, scripts or have a 10-book deal, commercial cover can offer you reassurance. 

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Cover from £8.40 a month

The Hiscox approach allows you to build a tailored policy for as little as £8.40 a month*

*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between April 2023 and April 2024


Public liability insurance worth up to £10 million

When your media work involves meeting with others, it's good to know there's generous liability insurance for writers and authors


A small business focus

We deliver insurance to 300,000 professionals just like you – as a freelance writer or author, you'll be in good company



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Why do need writers and authors need insurance?

A book signing incident

Your book tour creates exciting opportunities to connect with readers, but when you accidentally push a stack of hardbacks onto a local newspaper reporter, the mood may sour. They are unable to finish your promotional interview and legal action is launched to recover the cost of physiotherapy. 

Adding public liability insurance to your author policy can help fund expenses if a third party, such as a guest or member of the media, claims for damages related to injury or property damage. 

Employee illness

When your writing career begins to take off, you might find it challenging to manage a stream of enquiries alongside your craft. 

Taking on a personal assistant seems like the perfect solution, but the pace of work can be unpredictable in your field – at the season’s busiest points, your assistant’s workload becomes excessive. They take a period of leave, saying stress exacerbated symptoms of an existing illness – and you fall back on employers’ liability insurance which can support with

A stolen laptop

Pitching an article idea is just the beginning. Any writer worth their salt wants to see their name in print, but building relationships with publishers is a necessary step. On the way to a meeting with the editor of a major publication, your laptop disappears from the train’s storage rack. 

Replacing the equipment swiftly is your top priority – without it, you can’t work as a freelance writer – so it’s fortunate that your portable equipment insurance is there to assist with the bill. 

What insurance is available for writers and authors?

Some writers and authors also tailor their policy with other insurance products, such as cyber and data insurance, which can help protect your business if important documents are compromised by cybercrime. Employers’ liability insurance may also be legally required (external link) if you employ someone else. 

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Insurance for writers and authors: FAQs

What insurance do I need as a freelance writer?

A freelance writer might need similar business insurance protection as a writer who is employed by their own limited company, since you may take financial responsibility if something goes wrong. 

If you interact with people, for instance by working from a local cafe, then public liability insurance could prove useful. Without this, you could need to personally fund the cost of legal fees and compensation if someone sustained an injury or property damage because of your activities.  

Other types of insurance may be especially relevant for freelance writers, such as personal accident insurance. This can provide financial assistance if you’re put out of action. Learn more about insurance for freelancers. 

Do book authors need insurance?

Book authors may find they need insurance to counter a range of business risks, including the risk you could be held liable for a member of the public’s illness or injury. Public liability insurance may be especially relevant for authors who attend meet and greet events, speaking gigs or book signings. 

If you self-publish and print or sell your books directly, you may choose to add product liability insurance to your policy. This protects your finances if someone says your product was defective and caused injury or property damage as a result – for instance, if one of your children’s books had a sharp edge. 

What type of work is covered under Hiscox writer insurance?

Working as a wordsmith can be a varied profession, so it’s good to know several types of writing work are covered under Hiscox writer insurance. This includes professionals who write for websites, who pen magazine articles, put together material for textbooks and e-books or who curate their own novels and non-fiction books. These materials may be published internationally. 

Hiscox business insurance for writers and authors also covers you for the work you do away from the desk, such as events, research trips and meetings. To be covered, these activities must take place within the geographical limits of each policy. 

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