Insurance for nail technicians

As a nail technician, insurance can bring reassurance to you and your clients by offering protection from common risks – as well as unexpected setbacks. It might help to safeguard your business from the impact of equipment damage or support you if a client says they were injured on your premises.

Working on manicures and pedicures is creative, rewarding and people-focused, but if something goes wrong, it can be a real blow to your business. A policy that brings together products such as professional, treatment and public liability cover could help you to clear hurdles and thrive.

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Why choose Hiscox for nail technician insurance?


Saving time and moneyOur new combined professional, treatment and public liability policy includes multiple coverages in one, saving you time and money


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Receive access to a dedicated claims team who can help fix issues affecting your nail business as fast as possible


Support that goes above and beyond

Our approach to customer service makes it easy to make policy changes. If your business grows, we can help along the way – including through our Business Support Hub

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Why do nail technicians need insurance?

A product reaction

Nail art is detailed work – and with the latest trends come new products and practices. You’re a proud professional who always follows protocol, but the nature of the job means paint chemicals, glue and oils are rarely far away. If a client becomes ill soon after their nail treatment, leading to a hospital stay and time off work, there’s a chance they may take legal action. With medical malpractice cover – available as part of combined professional, treatment and public liability insurance – you aren’t alone.

An unhappy client

A bride-to-be visits your home to receive her dream manicure when she trips on the wire of your acrylic glue gun, breaking her ankle just days before the wedding. The ceremony cost her thousands, and although it goes ahead, she claims the injury meant she couldn’t participate in full. Professional, treatment and public liability insurance can help nail technicians with the cost of court cases and compensation claims levelled by members of the public.

A lost or damaged LED nail lamp

Perhaps you bring a portable LED nail dryer to your appointments to help gel to set and speed up the cure time. Polish could be knocked onto the power buttons by a client, or you may realise your machine has been stolen when you get home. Portable equipment insurance can help with the cost of replacing a range of portable devices, helping you get back up to speed.

What cover is available for nail technicians?

Nail technicians work in the health, beauty and wellness sector, where professional treatment liability insurance and public and products liability can all be key. That’s why you can buy combined cover through a specialist product – professional, treatment and public liability insurance.

Other polices which may benefit a nail technician include professional treatment liability insurance, which is available as part of combined cover for nail technicians. There's also cyber insurance and employers’ liability insurance. This can be essential in some cases.

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These are just some of the types of business cover we can offer nail technicians. We can provide other specific types of insurance and build them into a policy tailored to the needs of your business.

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Insurance for nail technicians: FAQs

What insurance do I need for my nail salon?

A nail salon is a busy environment with a lot going on at any one time, so you might find the need to cover your business for a range of liabilities – if that is the case, there are many policies which can do just that. Commercial property insurance may be suitable if you own the salon building, however, for rented salons, office contents insurance may be a better fit. If your salon employs staff, then employers’ liability insurance could be legally required. You can tailor insurance cover to fit your circumstances, whatever they may be.

What insurance do I need for my mobile nail business?

As a mobile nail tech, there might be additional insurance requirements for you to consider if you’re out and about and not at a fixed salon address. These could include your potential contact with members of the public, standard medical malpractice risks and the need to carry equipment. That’s why a professional, treatment and public liability policy may benefit all nail technicians, but portable equipment cover could prove especially useful for mobile artists.

Can I start a small nail business from home?

If you feel as though a salon-based environment isn’t a good fit and you’d like to go at it alone, you might consider setting up your nail tech venture from home. The good news is any qualified person can start a small nail business from home. However, before you start designing your space to launch your home-based business, it may be a good idea to ensure you have suitable insurance in place first. Once your insurance needs are met, you can start booking in clients and designing amazing art with the reassurance of cover.

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