Business insurance for Sports massage therapists

Whether you run a clinic or work as a self-employed sports massage therapist, you can build insurance tailored to your business with Hiscox.

As a sports massage therapist, you understand that the wellbeing of clients is in your hands. However, no matter how much your sports massage business adheres to professional standards, there is always a risk that something may go wrong.

The right policy can help to cover your financial liabilities, enabling you to continue caring for clients. This applies if you work with recreational athletes to optimise their performance, assess and advise on injuries sustained in the gym, or provide remedial massages to sporting professionals.

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Why do sports massage therapists need insurance?

Impacting a client injury

It can be normal for a client to feel a little sore after a massage – after all, you’re typically focusing on an injured area of their body. However, despite your best intentions to help, your massage could worsen their injury. Should a client present with a thigh strain and it turn out to be an acute rupture or tear, your massage has the potential to exacerbate bleeding and tissue damage. A treatment and professional liability insurance policy helps to cover the cost of negligence claims.

Breaking an expensive vase

You might visit a client at their home for an initial consultation and knock an expensive vase off the mantelpiece during an assessment of their injury. Another client could visit your clinic as you’re having a new appointment monitor installed and trip over a rogue wire. No matter where you operate from, your business involves working with members of the public every day. Sports massage insurance with public liability cover built in can help protect you if a member of the public is injured or their property damaged as a result of your business activities.

You're out of action

Your business focuses on helping people recover from injuries – but what if the tables are turned? You might be working on someone’s niggly hamstring and feel a pop in your shoulder, or you could be ice skating on a day off and sprain your ankle. Should you or a named employee become injured and unable to perform massages for a certain amount of time, you could experience a significant loss of earnings. With personal accident insurance, Hiscox can provide a lump sum or a weekly amount to protect against this financial strain.

What cover is included in insurance for sports massage therapists?

We can help you to build a wide-ranging package of sports massage therapy insurance, tailored specifically to your business. Other relevant insurances might include employers’ liability, office insurance and cyber and data cover.

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Insurance for sports massage therapists FAQs

Will I be covered for giving massages in my own home?

Yes – a Hiscox sports massage policy can be tailored to suit your operational needs, so you can build your cover to include home-based business insurance.

Should you decide to run your massage therapy clinic from home, the space you have will need to be appropriate for appointments and also pass safety checks. Before you start opening your front door to massage clients, you’ll also need to make your home insurance provider aware of the change in circumstances.

Are other types of therapy included in my policy?

Our sports massage therapy insurance is tailored to cater to the specific requirements of this profession, so other types of therapy won’t be included in your policy. All our packages of profession cover are made-to-measure in order to assist you in leaving no stone unturned – so you can focus on helping your clients get back on their feet.

Should you operate in another therapy field, you might find it helpful to get in touch with our team of business insurance specialists, who can help explore your insurance needs.

Do I need proof of qualification to get sports massage insurance?

At Hiscox, we don’t ask to see proof of qualifications or certificates before we tailor sports massage therapy cover to your business. Our team trusts that you are qualified to operate within your industry and that this qualification at least meets the minimum standard of a regulatory body.

Of course, if a claim is made against you, confirmation of your credentials will be required in this instance. Without being able to provide evidence of your professional experience and eligibility in the event of a claim, we might be unable to assist with your case.

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