Business insurance for Hairdressers

Whether you welcome clients to a salon or work as a self-employed mobile stylist, the hands-on nature of hairdressing comes with risk – insurance can help against them.

If you face styling accidents, or even equipment damage, insurance may step in with financial help.

Owning a hair salon or working as a mobile hairdresser can be rewarding, but also challenging – insurance can offer the reassurance you need to cut and style with confidence.

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Our new combined professional, treatment and public liability insurance includes several types of protection in one policy



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Support that goes above and beyond

There’s media and PR support for hairdressers, and policy changes are easy to make. See the full range of services available in our Business Support Hub

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Why do hairdressers need insurance?

Illness and injury

Your art director forgets to do a patch test for a colour transformation, resulting in a client suffering from an allergic reaction. Another instance sees your senior stylist slightly cut a client’s ear with the thinning scissors. You might even be a mobile hairdresser visiting someone’s home where they burn themselves on your straighteners, or trip over the wire. In all these situations, your client might bring a claim and without cover, defending yourself could be expensive. Hairdressing insurance including specialist professional, treatment and public liability policy might just provide the help you need to settle a claim.

Missing equipment

A busy evening of mobile appointments ends with the disappearance of your professional hair straighteners, creating unwelcome stress. You make enquiries but cannot locate this valuable equipment – and, worst of all, you need it for a wedding hair appointment scheduled for the weekend. From scissors to curlers and dryers, mobile hairdressers carry all kinds of specialist kit – portable equipment insurance can help if it’s lost, damaged or stolen.

Staff injury

One of your stylists slips on wet flooring and falls when rushing between clients on the salon floor – this results in a broken arm, meaning they’re unable to work for six weeks. Your employee decides to file a claim for compensation for the injury. A tailored hairdresser insurance policy with employers’ liability built in could help to cover the legal and compensation costs of this claim. In some cases, this type of business insurance is also mandated by law (external link).

What cover is available for hairdressers?

Professional treatment liability and public and products liability can be key cover types for people working in the health, beauty and wellness industry. Due to this, Hiscox has designed professional, treatment and public liability insurance – a specialist combined product that brings together relevant elements of cover for your sector.

There are a number of policies to consider when building a package of cover for hairdressers including personal accident insurance, employers’ liability and a cyber and data policy.

Not sure what you need?

If you’re not sure what you need, tell us a little more about your hairdressing business. We’ll help you to build your quote and explore any other insurance needs.

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Insurance for hairdressers: FAQs

Do mobile hairdressers need insurance?

Scissors, towels, combs, shampoos and toners aren’t the only things to consider purchasing when you launch a mobile hair business – in fact, hairdressing insurance might be one of the most important items.

Going it alone may bring freedom, but when equipment breaks down and accidents happen, as the boss you could be held liable. That’s why having a comprehensive insurance package combining different cover types could prove useful to a self-employed stylist. Your cover might include policies such as professional, treatment and public liability insurance, personal accident cover and portable equipment insurance.

Is there a difference between a hair stylist and a hairdresser?

The only real difference between a hairdresser and hair stylist is the name – they’re essentially synonyms of the same job title. However, roles and responsibilities may differ from salon to salon.

Being able to get business cover with Hiscox isn’t dependent on whether your job title is stylist or hairdresser.

Can a customer make a claim if they don’t like their haircut?

Simply disliking a haircut doesn’t usually make for grounds to claim compensation. However, if a customer has experienced illness or injury as a result of their appointment with you, such as a burn from a product or a cut from your scissors, they can claim against you.

There are ways to assist your client and manage the situation if they aren’t happy with their cut, however.

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for hairdressers and barbers that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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