Business insurance for TV and commercial film production professionals

Whether you are a self-employed videographer or head up a production company, filming is hands-on and there are many moving pieces. Even the most vigilant and organised TV professionals can face incidents.

Film insurance is designed to provide reassurance when operating on bustling sets. If you work in TV and commercial film production, insurance can help protect your finances if things don’t go to plan – for instance, if a member of your crew suffers an accident.

Customise production insurance with Hiscox to help protect many aspects of your business, whether you’re studio-based or work on location.


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Why do TV and commercial film production companies need insurance?

IP infringement claim

As a filmmaker, you spend a lot of your time ensuring you’re following all the correct protocols. This includes licensing rights, trademarks and all things copyright. When your latest creation hits independent cinemas, another company claims your work has breached the chain of title documentation. Professional indemnity insurance can step in to help fund your legal defence for breach of copyright claims and also assist with financing settlements.

A broken arm

Professional skills are everything in production – after all, you and your team spent years learning how to pan out, shoot close-ups and edit sound. If a contractor you’ve employed falls and breaks their arm, they may not be able to work and decide to claim against your business. Whether you have full-time or contract-based employees – even volunteers – you could be held liable for illnesses or injuries they sustain at work. Employers’ liability insurance can help with legal fees and compensation pay-outs.

A camera accident

Film sets can be sites of constant action. You’re always careful to keep safety in mind, but if a heavy camera is mounted to a boom incorrectly, things can go wrong in seconds. Members of the public, including guests, film extras and couriers, may decide to claim if they are injured, or their property is damaged because of your work. Whoever is at fault, the cost of legal fees can mount – so adding public liability cover could help you to withstand the unexpected.

What insurance is available for TV and commercial film production companies?

A TV and commercial film production company may also choose to tailor their policy to include cyber and data insurance, legal protection cover and personal accident insurance.

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Insurance for TV and commercial film production: FAQs

When will I receive the documents for my commercial film production insurance?

When you purchase Hiscox business insurance online, you should receive the documents straight away. This may help you to save precious time in the run-up to a big project, since you’ll have everything you need to prove you’re insured in line with contractual requirements. With the paperwork taken care of, you’re free to focus on the logistics and technicalities of filming.

Do I need insurance for my short film production?

The risks involved for your short film production are likely to be similar to that of a videographer or company dealing in longer form content, so insurance may be reassuring.

You may experience a contractual dispute with a prop supplier, or an employee may become injured on set – even the threat of a cyber-attack during the editing process is a possibility.

Working together with our expert team so they understand the nuances of your short film production process will help us tailor a package of insurance perfectly suited to safeguard what you do.

Why would a film set need insurance?

Insurance can provide a safety net designed to cushion the impact of potential problems on a film set.

The health and ability of the director to be able to turn up on set for each day of filming may be vital – so personal accident cover could offer assistance.

Employers’ liability can often be required by law when you have staff and if a cast or crew member were to fall ill or become injured due to their work on set, they could claim.

You could be held liable if a visitor or anyone external to those you employ becomes injured, or their property damaged, so public liability may be reassuring to have.

In addition, employment disputes and contractual issues can press pause on any filming schedule – adding legal protection insurance to your policy can help keep cameras rolling.

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