Business insurance for Film & TV production companies

Whether you are a self-employed videographer or at the helm of a production company, filming is hands-on and there are a lot of moving pieces to organise in any single day. Unfortunately, incidents can happen to even the most vigilant and organised film and TV professionals. Production insurance is designed to give peace of mind when working with heavy, expensive equipment in bustling locations and sets.

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With the right film production insurance, you can rest assured that you are covered financially if things don’t go to plan and a member of your crew or their equipment suffers in an accident. Protecting all aspects of your business whether in studio or on the move is an important responsibility, so make sure you understand what type of film insurance your business needs.

Public liability insurance for filming

When on location, it’s not uncommon to be based in an area which sees a lot of traffic from members of the public, so you may want to consider public liability insurance for filming to protect yourself against the associated risks. This includes effective protection for your business from claims of bodily injury or property damage made by members of the public – whether it was directly or indirectly your fault.

If you want to find out more about what public liability is and what it offers, you can follow the link to our FAQ section. Here you’ll be able to get more detailed information on public liability insurance before you get your quote.

Incidents can happen on the job, whether they’re related to you or your film equipment, which can be costly to put right if you’re not insured. For example, if you mounted a heavy camera to a boom arm incorrectly and a member of the public is injured, they could enter a claim. In this case, Hiscox UK film production insurance can cover the cost of compensation payments, legal fees and more.


Employers’ liability insurance for film and TV

A growing business should take the legal precautions and ensure that your full UK film insurance includes employers’ liability to protect against any claims brought against you if those under your employment are injured or become ill while working for you.

For example, if an employee is injured on set or becomes ill as a result of filming in a hazardous environment, they may seek compensation. Employee liability insurance can help cover your business in situations that can lead to legal cases.

It is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance in place if you employ one or more people in your business. Get more information in the Hiscox introduction to employers’ liability.


What is the difference between public liability & employers' liability insurance?

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Film equipment insurance

Having adequate film equipment insurance cover can make your day-to-day life in the TV and film industry a lot less stressful. Long days filming in various locations and environments, having to transport kit from A to B, can mean that your equipment is vulnerable to a range of mishaps.

Fully comprehensive video equipment insurance for your cameras and the rest of your kit can help protect your livelihood—and help get you back up and running in the case of damage, loss or theft.


Personal Accident insurance

Our personal accident insurance is designed to support you, as a business owner, if you or a key employee are unable to work due to an accidental bodily injury. The sudden loss of a member of staff could have a significant detrimental effect on your business. This insurance policy can help protect against the financial impact by providing your film business with a lump sum or weekly amount up to the limit of your cover.

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Cyber & Data insurance

Computers are an integral part of many aspects of organising and producing TV & film. This means that the risk of being attacked by a hacker or experiencing a data leak could have a severe impact on your business. In these situations, cyber and data insurance could be very helpful. This kind of film insurance protects you against potential legal and recovery costs in the event of an incident, while providing you with year-round peace of mind.

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