Business insurance for Event organisers

For an event organiser, insurance can help to mitigate the impact of misinterpretations, disagreements or even injuries.

Crafting the perfect event can take weeks or months of preparation and as a professional planner, you know how to organise. However, sometimes circumstances fall beyond your control – people make mistakes and accidents happen.

At Hiscox, we understand the risks for event organisers – so we can tailor a policy to include relevant cover such as public liability and professional indemnity.


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Our business insurance quotes start from £8.40 per month so an event planner can build affordable cover

*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024

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Why do event planners need insurance?

Injury at an event

Event planning combines logistical work, attention to detail and client relationship management. There are many moving parts, which can create opportunities for health and safety issues. During a conference setup, you’re managing the installation of marketing flags when your client arrives to run through the agenda. Unfortunately, a guest speaker enters seconds later and is injured by an unsecured banner pole. Public liability insurance can fund legal support and compensation pay-outs for event organisers in such cases.

Disappointed clients

Despite working for months on a charity fundraiser for your client, they’re dissatisfied with how the event turned out. You managed to secure their dream venue and the food all went down incredibly well, but the comedy act you booked as the headline entertainment didn’t turn up for their set. As an event organiser, you understand that things can go wrong unexpectedly – professional indemnity insurance can defend you if a client claims you were at fault for the no-show.

Organiser injury

Your organisation skills are well-oiled, but you can’t be everywhere. During a busy patch, you employ another event organiser to help with an awards evening. While dressing the venue, they use a step ladder to hang bunting but the hinge collapses and they fall, twisting their ankle. They say the injury was your fault and make a claim against your small business. Employers’ liability insurance can mitigate financial risk by helping to fund defence and settlement of legal proceedings.

What insurance is available for event organisers?

There are two main types of insurance for event organisers to consider – business insurance for day-to-day risks, such as chance cyber-attacks, and event insurance for the individual events you commission. Specialist event cover can protect an event organiser from a range of common risks in the field, such as unexpected cancellation.

The below covers relate to our specialist event insurance while the following ‘insurance for your business’ section explains our business policies.

Insurance for your event

Your event organiser business might specialise in conferences, exhibitions, one-off special events or charity fundraisers – either way, we can help to source appropriate cover. If it’s overseas, then our event travel insurance can provide employee replacement cover, for instance. For private parties, it’s helpful to have generous liability insurance in case of accidents. Conference organisers can even cover projected profits. In the events industry, the occasion itself can bring risks you may not face in the course of day-to-day operations, so we can help to tailor cover for the unique nature of your event.

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for event and wedding organisers that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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Insurance for your business

Insurance for event organisers: FAQs

What insurance does an event organiser need?

As an event organiser, you’ll often find you need two types of insurance – business insurance for the everyday risks any company or self-employed professional might encounter, plus event insurance to cover specific problems that can surround events.

Business insurance can cover an event organiser for issues such as client complaints and risks to employees – for instance, if an assistant claims they’ve been injured at the office. It can’t, however, help if you need to cancel an event – for this, event organisers need specific event insurance.

Event insurance also helps to underwrite a range of risks that might become more pronounced during the events you organise. This might be the case if, for instance, you normally work in a small office with 10 employees but need to contract a 100-strong team of temporary staff for an exhibition.

How much does event management insurance cost?

Business insurance quotes with Hiscox start at just £8.40 a month* – how much your event management cover will cost depends on the cover you select and the policy limits you set.

For instance, a corporate wellness event manager may benefit from setting a larger limit of professional indemnity insurance. This could safeguard against a client claiming a massage therapist you hired made a mistake, which also cost them business.

Discover more about what to consider when looking how much business insurance will cost you as an event planner.

*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024.

Does event planner insurance insure the event too?

Business insurance for event and wedding planners can cover a range of problems which may surface at an event, such as guest injuries.

Event insurance is a separate policy, however – it’s designed to underwrite specific conferences, exhibitions, sporting or charity events.

This product covers risks such as cancellation, the non-appearance of a key person or speaker and can come with a range of add-ons for international travel. Some professional event planners choose to purchase this in addition to their standard business insurance.

Do I need multiple event insurance?

You’re likely to oversee several events per year so you may benefit from event organiser insurance. However, you might also want multiple event insurance which is separate to a tailored planner policy.

Your event management cover can be built to include protection against public liability risks, however, there are also other potential stumbling blocks when running a number of events.

This includes the increased possibility of multiple cancellations, adverse weather or even unexpected venue closures.

Hiscox is part of the leading event industry associations, including the AEO, ABPCO, EVCOM and ICCA – that’s why we provide flexible insurance options to meet your needs.

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