Business insurance for Videographers

Whether you specialise in filming weddings, corporate videos, documentaries or something else, it’s a passion for your craft that got you to where you are today. You work hard to exceed client expectations, but as a professional videographer, insurance is vital for the times that things don’t pan out as expected. From stolen equipment to disgruntled clients, we’ll tailor a comprehensive business insurance policy to cover you if something goes wrong.

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Insuring your videography business

Protecting your equipment is important, but you need to look after your reputation too. If a client is dissatisfied with your work, they may take action against you. It may be that you genuinely misinterpreted the brief, but it could also be that the client simply changed their mind. Whoever’s fault it is, if they blame you, you[ll need to defend yourself. You also need to think about protecting yourself against public and employers' liability claims in case something happens at work that results in someone getting injured.

Why videographers need insurance

Unhappy clients

Whether you accidentally delete footage of a customer’s wedding or you mistakenly release a corporate video online before your client is happy with it, you could end up in a tricky situation. If your mistake ends up costing someone money, a damaged reputation or emotional distress, they might try to sue you for negligence. Even if you don’t feel you’re in the wrong, dealing with the claim is likely to be expensive, so it’s best to cover yourself just in case.

Accidents and injury

You might instruct someone you’re filming to step backwards, resulting in them losing their footing and colliding with an oncoming bike, or someone could fall over your equipment and hurt themselves. As a professional who interacts with members of the public, a simple accident could lead to a costly legal liability claim. If this happens, we’ll be there to pick up the cost.

Technical difficulties

You rely on a range of high-spec, specialist equipment to do your job, which travels with you to all sorts of different filming locations, making it even more vulnerable. If your expensive gear is broken or stolen it can mean letting clients down and possibly missing out on future work. If anything happens to your work equipment, we’ll pay for repairs or replacements so you don’t have to.

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Key types of insurance for videographers

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for videographers that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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