Business insurance for Videographers

As a videographer, insurance can provide practical and financial support to help you bounce back from business challenges.

Creative briefs can be subjective and misunderstandings may lead your reputation to shatter as quickly as a lens. Fortunately, professional indemnity insurance can assist a videographer to withstand the impact of disputes. Whether you specialise in shooting wedding videos, corporate material or documentaries, we know your focus is on the craft. A a tailored insurance policy takes care of behind-the-scenes risks.

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Why choose Hiscox for videographer insurance?


Cover from £8.40 per month*

A flexible approach to cover means you can keep an eye on your outgoings

*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024


Make unlimited changes

At Hiscox, we enable you to make unlimited policy changes* – for instance, when your business takes on larger contracts

*Subject to underwriting criteria


Reputation protection

If you spot an error in your work before your client, Hiscox professional indemnity insurance will help to cover the cost of fixing problems to protect your reputation

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Why do videographers need insurance?

Unhappy clients

Making videos is a complex process – first comes planning, followed by a careful filming stage and you may also edit. Each step brings opportunity for slip-ups and disagreements. You might select a location that didn’t meet client expectations, misplace your memory card at a wedding, or mistakenly publish a corporate video before sign-off, without cutting a defamatory comment. If someone feels they have lost money due to such an issue, they might try to sue you for negligence – luckily, videographers’ professional indemnity insurance is there to help with the costs.

Accidents and injuries

Filming a music video might not seem like risky business, but accidents can strike out of the blue. You might direct an actor to step backwards, causing them to lose their footing, or a set designer could trip on your camera cable, leading to a head injury. As a video business owner, you might not realise you carry responsibility for keeping members of the public and their property safe – public liability insurance could provide a lifeline for videographers if your actions were questioned in court.

Employee complaint

Working on your craft solo is usually how you operate, but when things become busy you hire someone to help. Your new employee assists with lifting some boxes filled with DSLR shoulder mounts, tripods and headphones onto your van to take to a shoot. When lifting these items, they injure their back and cannot work further. Later down the line, you receive a document stating the member of staff is claiming against you for damages. Employers’ liability insurance can help a videographer fund the associated costs.

What insurance is available for videographers?

Many videographers can also gain reassurance from having other useful covers such as portable equipment insurance to protect your camera and cyber and data insurance to help recover from digital breaches. Additionally, legal protection to cover contractual disputes and a personal accident policy to safeguard against injuries.

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Insurance for videographers: FAQs

Does Hiscox videographer insurance cover me for working abroad?

Yes, if you select this option when building your policy, videographer insurance from Hiscox provides cover for work which takes place abroad – as long as you are normally a resident in the UK.

For video professionals who regularly travel to shoots on location, wedding venues, international meetings, or who might need to do so for a one-off event, this added protection can be invaluable.

When you build your cover, you’ll be able to choose between worldwide, Europe or UK-only cover, so it’s possible to select the option which best suits your business needs.

What insurance do I need to cover a copyright infringement claim?

You’d never intentionally steal someone else’s work, but in creative fields such as videography, you may be at risk of falling foul of copyright laws.

You might accidentally include background music someone else owns the rights to or a stock video clip which you mistakenly believe to be in the public domain. You could even be accused of passing off another company’s intellectual property if they believe your video used imagery that may lead viewers to think the content was theirs.

The most relevant type of insurance for a copyright infringement claim is professional indemnity insurance – at Hiscox, this covers videographers and other professionals for infringement of copyright, trademarks and moral rights.

How much does videographer insurance cost?

The cost of videographer insurance will depend on the type of cover you build into the policy, the kind of work you do and also the cover limits you set.

For instance, you may decide that due to the risk profile of the contracts you take on, you might need to add a higher cover limit for legal protection insurance.

With Hiscox, insurance can be tailored to your circumstances, so there’s no standardised cost for a videographer policy. However, it might be helpful to know that our average small business insurance quotes start from £8.40 a month*.

Read our FAQ guide to how much business insurance costs for more detail.

*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024

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