Business insurance for Pest control

Working in pest control, insurance is a critical part of keeping your business safe. When a member of the public hires a professional exterminator, they expect you to deal with their problem efficiently, but you can’t prepare for everything. It’s a hands-on service that uses specialist chemicals and equipment, often in dangerous environments. You’re also moving from job to job, which means operating on different premises with unforeseen risks, both to you and your clients. Business insurance for pest controllers covers you for the unexpected.

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Insuring your pest control business

As a pest controller your work is unpredictable and changes from day to day. From insect infestations to larger vermin and animal control, sometimes things can go wrong. Even though you take precautions, the chemicals you use could make a client ill or you might have an accident working in an unfamiliar location. Business insurance for pest controllers from Hiscox provides tailored cover to ensure you and your business are covered when things don’t go to plan, letting you get on with running your business.

Why you need business insurance for pest controllers

Illness and injury

Imagine a client’s neighbour is injured after tripping over a trap set for rats outside both properties. You might have warned the neighbours to be careful, but if they’re hurt, they could still blame you. Public liability insurance from Hiscox as part of a tailored business insurance policy covers you for legal costs and any settlement.

Unable to work

Dealing with a wasps’ nest high in the rafters of a client’s house, you lose your balance and fall off the ladder. It might seem like a silly mistake, but it could result in several weeks off work and being out of action means no income to pay bills or rent. Personal accident insurance provides a weekly pay-out, which means financial commitments are taken care of while you’re off work and recovering.

Damaged equipment

A camera used for looking into small and hard to reach areas is damaged beyond repair. It’s a key part of your pest control business kit and you can’t complete the job without it. Replacing it is the only option and with portable equipment insurance from Hiscox within your business insurance policy you’ll have the cost of a replacement covered.

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Key types of insurance for pest controllers

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for pest controllers that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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