Business insurance for App developers

Life as an app developer is all about innovation. But whether you’re a freelancer or you run a small agency, it might not always be plain sailing.

Coding errors, hacking or employee injuries could all pose financial threats. And that’s where insurance for mobile app developers can come in. Learn more about tailored insurance for app development businesses from Hiscox.

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Why do app developers need insurance?

Client claims your app isn’t fit for purpose

Following months of hard work, you’re ready to present a test version of your app to the client who’s commissioned it.

But after testing the app, they complain that it fails to meet the original brief. They say it contains coding errors and is built on the wrong architecture. As you warn of delays and cost overruns, the client threatens legal action. Professional indemnity insurance could deal with compensation expenses if it’s built into your policy.

Hackers access important client data

Your client provides valuable data to help you test a new app as accurately as possible. But one of your employees falls victim to a phishing email, causing a major breach of your security systems.

With sensitive company data now in the hands of hackers, your relationship with the client is on the line. Insurance for mobile app developers could support your data recovery efforts if it contains cyber cover.

One of your coders develops severe RSI

You’ve always viewed app development as a mental rather than physical task. But when one of your coders complains of a repetitive strain injury (RSI), you’re forced to think again.

Long hours at their computer, combined with an uncomfortable desk set-up, have left them with significant muscle pain. They pin the blame on you for a lack of support and threaten legal action. Employers’ liability cover may assist with compensation pay-outs.

What insurance is available for app developers?

Insurance for mobile app developers can include other covers, too. Office contents, personal accident and legal protection insurance are other options.

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Insurance for app developers: FAQs

What insurance do you need for an app?

You don’t legally require any business insurance as a mobile app developer unless you hire employees. In that case, you’ll generally need employers’ liability insurance by law. A client may also ask to see proof of professional indemnity cover before entering a contract with you. This could safeguard both parties against advice and services that prove negligent.

What are the risks of app development?

The potential risks for app developers include:

  • Technical errors. Incorrect coding, using the wrong architectural framework and software bugs.
  • Security and data breaches. Cyber attackers gaining access to important systems.
  • Disgruntled clients. Key people proving difficult to collaborate with or even refusing to pay.
  • Low consumer interest. The application lacking a unique selling point or featuring an unwieldy interface.

Do I need professional indemnity insurance as a freelance developer?

A freelance app developer has no legal obligation to take out professional indemnity insurance. But you may find it helpful if a client raises the prospect of legal action over the services you’ve provided. Some firms might also request it before they agree to work with you on a project.