Business insurance for Graphic designers

As a graphic designer, producing precise work for your clients is important to you. But things can go wrong – and when they do, business insurance helps you stay within the lines. For motion graphic designers, there’s always the chance of facing a copyright claim. Clients can launch legal cases and hackers might target your systems. Insurance for graphic designers helps you stay prepared.

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Why do I need graphic design insurance?

Client complaints

You’re a skilled professional and you know a thing or two about contracts. Still, clients can make accusations. A spilt drink in the studio could wipe irreplaceable client photographs from your tablet, meaning the work simply can’t be done. Or, you might produce a design the customer considers off-brief – the graphic design world is subjective, after all. If a typing error goes to print, rectifying the mistake can be expensive, which is why the right cover can be a lifeline for your finances.

Copyright battles

Purposefully duplicating another artist’s work is something you’d never do. Still, navigating copyright law can be a balancing act for graphic designers. Something as simple as the colours and fonts you use could lead to copyright infringement claims from creatives or brands you’ve never even heard of. Then, of course, there’s the issue of working with images from popular culture – it’s easy to slip up. Building the right graphic designer insurance package keeps you protected if an unexpected copyright claim arises.

Hardware damage

Graphic design is a technical role. You’re likely to have a laptop, desktop or advanced printers loaded with valuable software, as well as top-of-the-range styluses and colour calibrators. You might also have a high-resolution monitor in the studio. The value of all this equipment adds up, so it’s a good idea to take out insurance if you couldn’t afford to replace it all outright. This cover is especially important if you work on design projects remotely.

What cover is included in insurance for graphic designers?

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is an important consideration for graphic designers – it protects your business if a client takes action over alleged faults in your work. In design, simple mistakes can be costly. You might be working with a packaging client which has printed thousands of units bearing your design before they notice an error. Or you could unwittingly send a virus with an advert mock-up. If the mistake costs your client money and they make a claim, we’ll cover any legal fees or compensation costs.

Learn more about professional indemnity insurance.

Public liability insurance

Graphic designers may benefit from public liability insurance as part of their policy as it offers protection if a customer or member of the public is injured in your studio or in the context of your work. If you have an office, a visitor could trip on a wire or claim their property was damaged on your premises. Public liability insurance is an important consideration for anyone who deals with people for creative meetings or product launch events – including graphic designers.

Learn more about public liability insurance and how it could help safeguard your future.

Employers' liability insurance

When business is good, graphic designers often scale up. Whether you launch an agency or take on weekend help, employers’ liability insurance is a key consideration for graphic designers. It guards your enterprise if an employee claims they were injured in the studio, or if they say they’ve faced health issues caused by stress or poor lighting. It’s also a legal requirement in the UK (external link) from the moment you hire your first employee. 

Learn how employers’ liability insurance could help to future-proof your expanding business.

Your professional standing and liabilities aren’t the only things to consider – digital assets and income are also worth protecting. Including personal accident cover, cyber insurance and legal protection in your insurance package provides your graphic design business with further protection from unexpected situations.

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Graphic designers insurance FAQs

Is insurance a legal requirement for graphic designers?

Employers’ liability insurance is legally required for graphic designers who employ others – even part-time or voluntary members of staff, such as interns or work experience students. Other types of insurance are not legally mandated for graphic designers but operating without them could cost you if equipment is damaged or a client sues.

Legal challenges pose a significant risk to graphic designers. These come from things such as copyright infringement claims and accusations of non-delivery. Without the right cover, businesses of all types may face legal fees for failing in their liabilities to the public, plus compensation claims.

Is my design equipment covered with insurance?

Design equipment can be covered by graphic design insurance if you select certain covers as part of your policy. Home office insurance protects your back-room studio and the equipment inside it up to the value of £7,500 – perfect for your valuable creative tools.

Commercial property insurance and equipment breakdown cover do a similar job if you have an office – with these, there’s the option to purchase more cover for multiple machines. Portable equipment insurance covers items such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras and tablets – tools you need to get the job done, whether you’re working remotely or in a client’s office.

What insurance do I need as a freelance graphic designer?

For freelance graphic designers, professional indemnity insurance is a key consideration, since all the responsibility sits with you. This type of cover protects you if a client takes legal action because they are unhappy with your work by paying legal fees and compensation on your behalf. It also helps you fight any copyright infringement claims – without professional indemnity insurance, such cases can prove costly for freelancers.

Taking out personal accident cover can also offer protection when everything rests on your shoulders. Find out more about the other key types of business insurance for freelancers to consider as part of your policy.

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