Business insurance for Photographers

Being a photographer is your dream career, however working with the public and being trusted to capture special moments can come with risks, so insurance might offer you priceless cover. 

Running your own photography business means the responsibility for everything from equipment to managing client communications falls to you, so insurance can back you up. 

Whether it’s an accident during a photo shoot, a creative misunderstanding or damaged kit, a lot can happen in the context of your work behind the camera.

Tailor your insurance with Hiscox to help you to manage the day-to-day and plan for the future with the reassurance of having cover for the unexpected.


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Why do photographers need insurance?

Creative differences

Photoshoots can occasionally go wrong – as a professional, you’ll talk through the plans with your client several times, but there’s always the chance that the results aren’t what they wanted. If there’s a misunderstanding over something you thought was agreed, your client might take legal action against you.

Whether a fashion designer is unhappy with your catwalk shots or a brand claims you didn’t produce the imagery agreed for a campaign, professional indemnity insurance can help cover your expenses if a client finds fault.

Dealing with the unexpected

As a photographer, you’ll likely spend much of your time surrounded by the public. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and people can claim that your business activities caused them an injury, or even damage to their property. 

The confetti you used to set up the perfect shot of a married couple could cause a wedding guest to slip. You may even knock over an expensive prop while moving your tripod.

Photographer insurance including public liability cover can help with the cost of legal expenses and compensation.

Lost or stolen equipment

From your wide-angle lens for landscape shots to your ring flash for eliminating shadows, camera equipment is the most important part of your set-up.

If your camera, drone or tripod is stolen from your car on the way to a location shoot, or is damaged in an accident, your future projects could be at risk. Investing in insurance for your photography equipment means Hiscox will be there to help with the cost of replacements or repairs.

What insurance is available for photographers?

There are several products that may enhance the cover your photographer insurance offers, including employers’ liability if you employ staff, a personal accident policy or cyber and data insurance.

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for professional photographer that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact requirements of your business.

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Insurance for photographers: FAQs

Is my photography equipment insured abroad?

As long as you take out the correct amount of insurance for the cost of your equipment, your photography kit will be insured when you’re on shoots abroad. 

We understand that the very nature of being a photographer means you have to travel. You might be working with a wildlife brand on their animal conservation project – in this instance you’d need to travel to where the animals are and take your equipment with you. 

You’ll carry everything from your camera and tripod to your teleconverter and long lens rain cover with you in transit – ensure it’s all covered on location with a comprehensive policy.

Does equipment insurance cover equipment left in a vehicle?

Yes, if photography equipment is stolen from your vehicle, or damaged by a careless driver bumping into your car, it will be covered by your Hiscox portable equipment insurance.  

Sometimes your kit needs to be left in a vehicle when you’re working, especially if there’s wet weather. You might even be on an extended location shoot and require separate equipment for different parts of the day. You’ll need to pack your portable lighting kit, for instance, which might feature plug-in studio lights alongside LED lighting panels to use outdoors.

Photographer insurance safeguards equipment in many circumstances.

Do I need to insure my photography studio?

While it’s not a legal requirement, it might be beneficial to insure your photography studio for a number of reasons.

Should a fire, flood or road closure prevent you from gaining access to the studio, you may not be able to edit those photos as planned. Other instances might see your premises broken into, resulting in equipment being stolen, or your kit could become damaged and unable to be used.

In order to cover your photography gear both in-studio and on shoots, you’ll need office insurance and portable equipment cover.

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