Business insurance for Health and safety consultants

As a health and safety consultant, your business helps to manage risks for clients – insurance returns the favour for your firm.

When your responsibilities include delivering audits, drafting policies, implementing recommendations, or providing training, advice underpins everything. This can create professional indemnity risks even for the most diligent consultants.

Knowing how to meet health and safety standards might feel like second nature, but if someone claims your work harmed them, insurance may bring welcome backup.

Insurance bolsters your health and safety consultancy against industry risks and chance occurrences, so you can focus on providing a watertight service.

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Why choose Hiscox for your health and safety consultancy insurance?


Professional indemnity insurance from £8.00 a month*

Our professional indemnity quotes start from as little as £8.00 per month

*Figures based on an average of all professional indemnity policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024


Only pay for what you need

The Hiscox approach allows you to tailor insurance to your business, so you only pay for the cover that's necessary


Commercial help through our Business Support HubOur customers get access to significantly discounted services to help with everything from tax to contract reviewing

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Why do health and safety consultants need insurance?

Error in your risk assessment

Perhaps you are an independent health and safety consultant tasked with ensuring long-standing fire safety rules are adhered to within large business premises. Alternatively, maybe you’re required to train managerial staff on brand new legislation. Either way, your words can have far-reaching consequences. Overlook a policy transgression in an audit report, or give outdated guidance, and the client could blame you for fines they may incur as a result. To protect their standing, many safety consultants opt for professional indemnity insurance.

An office accident

Health and safety consultancy is about protecting people. Still, risk can never be eliminated entirely. If you visit a client’s office for a fire risk assessment, then you may bring a six-point fire action plan sign. This could fall, and a member of administrative staff might claim they have been injured as a result – or it could damage valuable computer equipment. Covering public liabilities showcases your dedication to health and safety, which may reassure your clients too.

Out of action

Working conditions are central to health and safety, but accidents don’t always happen in the workplace. Injuries sustained elsewhere can be just as damaging to business prospects – especially if you work as a solo consultant. One mile too far on your evening run could lead to a torn ligament, which might mean you’re temporarily unable to drive. If your work involves significant travel, then this could create disruption. Investing in cover which includes personal accident insurance may safeguard your income in such circumstances.

What cover is included in insurance for health and safety consultants?

Other covers may be relevant for some health and safety consultancies, such as employers’ liability, portable equipment insurance and office cover.

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These are just some of the types of business insurance we can offer health and safety consultants. We can provide other types of cover and build them into a policy that's tailored to the requirements of your business.

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Insurance for health and safety consultants: FAQs

Do Hiscox provide proof of cover?

Yes – when you purchase insurance with Hiscox, documents are sent immediately.

This may be especially useful for health and safety consultants, since some companies might want to see proof that you’re fully insured before they agree to work with you or sign a contract.

What insurance do health and safety consultants need?

Each health and safety consultancy is unique, so insurance requirements can differ. However, certain types of cover could be key for most – such as professional indemnity insurance, which may be relevant for consultants who give advice and is sometimes a contractual requirement.

Employers’ liability insurance might be a legal requirement if your consultancy employs staff, and office insurance could be relevant if you work from a dedicated space. Hiscox can tailor insurance to your company’s individual requirements, whether you own a consultancy business or run a one-person operation.

Why choose Hiscox for health and safety consultants’ insurance?

The comprehensive nature of Hiscox professional indemnity insurance means you’ll be covered against common industry risks, including negligence or breach of duty of care.

This means if you make a mistake or give bad advice, we’ll help to cover the cost of legal fees and compensation. Negligent misstatement or misrepresentation is also covered – so, if you make an error when providing information in a health and safety report, we can help.

Other risks, such as breach of confidence, defamation and civil liability claims, are also included.

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