Business insurance for Health and safety consultants

Hiscox insures more than 200,000 businesses and was awarded ‘Best Small Business Insurance Provider’ in the Start Your Business Awards for the last eight years in a row. We have developed a range of flexible policies so that you can design a policy specifically to suit your individual profession as a health and safety consultant.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for health and safety consultants

You provide a professional service to clients and as a result, you could be at risk of being challenged on the work you deliver. It could be an audit report that overlooked a significant policy breach or advice that a client believes led to them losing money. If a client brings a claim against your business for compensation, you’ll want a professional indemnity insurance policy in place that defends and protects you.

Our health and safety consultant professional indemnity insurance is tailored to the needs of consultants and small businesses with responsibilities such as health and safety audits, drafting health and safety policies, fire risk assessments, implementation of safety recommendations and health and safety training.


Why choose Hiscox PI insurance for health and safety consultants?

You’ll be protected against the risks most common in your industry, including cover for:

  • negligence or breach of duty of care – making a mistake in your work or giving bad advice
  • defence costs for investigations under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 or the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 or similar legislation
  • breach of confidence – sharing confidential or sensitive information without consent
  • defamation – making false or damaging claims about a person or organisation
  • civil liability – if a claim occurs because of your business activity for a client and we haven’t specifically excluded it, it’s covered
  • negligent misstatement or misrepresentation – making a mistake or error when providing information.

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Public liability insurance

If you are frequently out on site or visiting clients in their offices, it’s wise to consider incorporating a public liability policy into your health and safety consultant insurance. This means that you’ll be covered should an accident occur as a result of something you’ve done. Public liability insurance is designed to cover the cost of paying or defending claims for compensation made against you by a client or member of the public due to bodily injury or property damage.

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Personal accident insurance

What would you do if you couldn’t work as a result of an accidental bodily injury? Hiscox personal accident insurance can help protect against the financial impact of this by providing your business with a lump sum or weekly amount.

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Employers’ liability insurance

If you own a health and safety consulting business and employ one or more members of staff, it’s probable that you’ll be required by law to take out an employers’ liability insurance plan. This can protect your business against the cost of settling or defending an employee claim for injury or disease because of the work they do for you. Don’t forget, even an unfounded claim can be expensive and time-consuming to deal with so it’s vital to consider insurance cover to avoid any financial crises.

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Office insurance

Our office contents policy protects home or office-based professionals against the cost of replacing or repairing  your business equipment if it is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. If you’re out and about a lot with your job, you could also consider adding on cover for portable equipment (e.g. laptops and phones).

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Cyber and data risks insurance

If you operate in anyway online when it comes to running your business, it’s wise to protect yourself against various e-risks, such as data theft and damage caused by hackers. Our cyber and data risks insurance supports and protects businesses if they experience a data breach or are the subject of an attack by a malicious hacker that affects their computer systems. It provides comprehensive cover, simplicity, reputation protection and a trusted partner in the event of a claim.

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