Business insurance for Florists

As a professional florist, insurance is there to help you deal with the times that things don’t go according to plan. Your job comes with the responsibility of turning a client’s ideas into reality and fulfilling their expectations, often for big family occasions and special days. While you always work to the highest possible standards, there’s still the danger of disagreements or delays, so having business insurance for florists in place means you’re covered.

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Getting insurance as a florist

You’re passionate about your job, creating the perfect flower arrangements for clients to help them celebrate their weddings, birthdays and more. But what happens if they’re not happy with your work, or an illness or injury means you can’t work and you’re unable to fulfil an important order? It might not be something you like to think about, but disagreements happen and you might need to defend yourself if someone takes legal action.

Why you need business insurance as a florist

Flooded shop

Quality matters, but so do deadlines. If there’s a problem in your florist shop, insurance can help you get back to business, replacing stock and keeping things running. If there’s a flood after a pipe bursts and the shop needs to close for a refit, you won't be able to work. Business interruption cover from Hiscox protects you against the loss of income as you repair the damage. It’s part of your tailored business insurance for florists from Hiscox.

An injured customer

A wet floor at a florist shop isn’t uncommon, but just because you’re expecting it, it doesn’t mean your customers are. If someone slips and hurts themselves, they may need to take time off work and the blame will lie with you. Public liability insurance ensures the legal costs of defending a case and a settlement are covered through your tailored business insurance policy for florists from Hiscox, meaning you can keep running your business.

Protecting your employees

It’s not just members of the public you need to think about. An accident at work could be a real headache. If you or an employee is injured you might be a member of staff down with important orders to fulfil and you could face a claim because of the injury too.  Employer’s liability insurance, a legal requirement if you employ someone, covers you for the legal costs and settlement as part of your business insurance policy.

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Key types of insurance for florists

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for florists that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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