Business insurance for Accountants & Bookkeepers

From protecting against mistakes or cybercrime to knowing your equipment is covered in case it’s damaged or stolen, as an accountant, insurance that offers protection against all the professional risks you face is essential. It means less stress for you and ensures you can keep your business running.

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Insuring your accountancy business

As an accountant you need to be completely professional and pay close attention to detail, but there are times when a mistake, or a perceived mistake, can lead to a costly legal dispute. Hiscox business insurance for accountants is there for you whether a miscalculation leads to a claim for negligence, a business laptop is damaged or a hacker gets into your computer network and holds confidential information to ransom.

Why you need business insurance for accountants

A costly miscalculation

If accounts are filed with HM Revenue and Customs and a miscalculation means thousands of pounds in tax aren’t accounted for, your client will be find themselves facing a large unexpected tax bill. If that happens, they could blame you and take legal action to reclaim the money. Hiscox business insurance for accountants includes professional indemnity insurance to cover the costs of defending and settling the case.

Hackers hold data to ransom

If hackers get into an accountant’s files they could do untold damage, stealing confidential client data and demanding a ransom for its return. Hiscox business insurance for accountants includes cyber and data risks insurance, which deals with the ransom and provides access to specialists to help strengthen your data security against future threats.

Stolen laptop

A stolen laptop or other IT equipment could put all kinds of important information in the wrong hands. Even if you’re using a safe or laptop locks, a determined thief could still steal your equipment and apart from the confidentiality issue, you won’t be able to work without your equipment. Hiscox business insurance for accountants includes office insurance that helps with lost earnings and covers the cost of new computer equipment to get you working again.

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Key types of insurance for accountants

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for accountants that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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