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Running a business isn't always straightforward and even the most established organisations can face the unexpected. When change arrives, the focus shifts from growth to protecting your work and profits. Read about the many ways to protect a business, from getting insured to seeking legal help, with our articles.


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Taking out business insurance can help to protect a company's finances in some circumstances. It might help replace vital equipment which breaks unexpectedly, cover a business for interruption following a flood, or help with the cost of a legal case.

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Claim stories

Read tales of real-life instances where thorough preparation and great commercial cover saved the day. These show it's possible to bounce back after a cyber-attack or client disagreement – with the right planning.

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Are you wondering how specific types of insurance might help protect your business? Read about the circumstances our products can help with and the amount of cover they provide.

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Business support hub

What can you do to safeguard a company beyond the realms of business insurance? We've put together resources which may prove useful, whether you're in need of financial assistance, HR guidance or legal advice.

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What's the difference between a charity and non-profit?

Charities and non-profits are similar in that their aims aren't solely financial. There are some important differences, however, which may matter in the context of business insurance.

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What you need to know about the public liability certificate

Public liability insurance may be a consideration for business owners of all stripes. A handy certificate can act as evidence of this cover.

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What to think about if your business stops trading

Are you considering winding things down? Whether a business ceases trading due to financial strain, changed circumstances or the retirement of its sole employee, there's more to the process than locking up for the last time.

Learn more with our guide to the things to consider if your business closes down.

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What is breach of copyright?

Certain industries, such as those that trade in designs, branding or music, could be particularly vulnerable to copyright claims. The definition of breach of copyright may not be what you expect, however.

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What you need to know about the employers' liability certificate

Once you have employees, employers' liability insurance could become an important form of protection. This cover comes with an accompanying certificate.

Learn how to display your certificate correctly with our guide.

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What insurance do photographers need?

Professional photographers face specific challenges, so they may benefit from taking out cover tailored to their line of work.

Discover the many types of cover suitable for photographers with our guide.

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