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Our full range of commercial covers

Our business insurance is designed to protect all aspects of your business, from your staff and office space to the service your business provides.

Our business insurance products

Most business owners don’t realise they can be liable for a whole range of accidents and issues, even if they seem unfair. With our tailored insurance, you can build a level of cover to protect against the specific risks your business faces. Choose from flexible insurance products that cover everything from digital threats to workplace injuries and costly legal action.

Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance can help protect your business against the cost of defending or settling a client's claim of negligence or error on your part.

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Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance covers the cost of settling or defending a claim for bodily injury from damage slips, trips and falls in the workplace or property damage.

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Employers' liability insurance

Protection against the cost of settling or defending an employee's claim that they have been injured or become ill as a result of their work, with employers’ liability insurance.


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Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance comes as part of public liability policy, it protects against claims of injury or damage resulting from a product sold or produced by your business.


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Professional, treatment and public liability insurance 

Hiscox has designed professional, treatment and public liability insurance to help protect health, fitness, beauty and wellbeing professionals against industry risks. This policy combines treatments and professional liability with public and products liability insurance.

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Freelancers and sole traders

Insurance for sole traders and freelancers are designed to protect professionals from the potential risks associated with being a one-man-band.

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Self employed insurance

Anyone who works for themselves can find the right level of self-employed business and liability insurance to protect their business.

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Personal accident insurance

Should you or a key member of staff suffer from an accident that leaves either of you unable to work, personal accident insurance can protect your business financially.

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Underwritten by the market leaders in specialist legal insurance, our legal protection insurance provides cover for businesses facing contract disputes and debt recovery.

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Commercial property insurance

If you own the building your office is located in, you should consider commercial buildings insurance to protect the actual property against damage, such as flood or fire damage.

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Office insurance

Office insurance protects your working premises against the costs and any loss of productivity caused by physical damage, theft or equipment failure. For replacing any business equipment, we offer business contents insurance.

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Equipment insurance

If your equipment suffers a sudden mechanical fault, equipment breakdown insurance will cover the replacement; for portable technology, such as laptops, we offer portable equipment cover.

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Trustee indemnity & liability insurance

Claims made against individuals leading not-for-profit organisations are covered by trustee liability insurance, protecting their personal finances.

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Start-up business insurance

Start Your Business magazine has awarded us 'Best Small Business Insurance Provider' for the last 8 years in a row for our start-up insurance policy.

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Home-based business cover

Our range of home business liability insurance products, providing peace of mind that your business is fully covered if you work from home.

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Cyber and data insurance

If your business is interrupted by a cyber attack or a hacker steals or takes your data hostage, cyber insurance will help get you back up and running.

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Directors’ & officers’ insurance

Company directors have unlimited personal liability. Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance covers claims made against the director, partner or officer.

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Hiscox business HR solutions

If you insure your business with us, you can access expert advice and resources by adding Business HR Solutions to any existing policy.

Insurance by trade

The range of risks faced by businesses vary hugely across different industries, organisations and are different for professionals at different levels within a business. Hiscox offer specialised policies so we can offer the best protection; from retail and shop insurance to charity insurancecover for tradesmen and many other professions besides. 

Commercial insurance for your profession, find the right cover your business