Business insurance for Health and wellbeing businesses

Whether you’re a yoga instructor, a dietician or you practice reiki, your job is all about helping people in an invaluable, holistic way. But working in the health, beauty and wellbeing industry, insurance is important to protect you from some key risks. Nobody wants to end up in court but if you do make a mistake in your work, the right cover is essential. You also need to think about protecting any valuable equipment, treatment rooms and employees, so if something unexpected happens, you know your business is safe.

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Insurance in the health and wellbeing industry

The advice and treatment you give can be life changing for your clients, but there’s always a chance you could accidentally cause a client harm, whether it’s through hands-on treatment or misinterpreted advice. Whatever the nature of your business, you need a specialist insurance policy that equips you to deal with any potential legal action, and covers you against the specific risks of your profession.

Why you need insurance in the health and wellbeing industry

Disruptive incidents

It only takes one unexpected incident to seriously disrupt your business. For example, a broken piece of equipment could result in a long list of cancelled appointments or a flooded treatment room could close your business for weeks. There are some things you just can’t predict and when things go wrong, you’re left with lost earnings and unhappy clients on top of that. If you’re struck by disaster, we can help keep the damage to a minimum by paying for any repairs or replacements as well as helping with other expenses.

Personal accidents

You spend your days helping others, but what if something happened to you? When you’re self-employed you need to think about how you’d manage if you had an accident that left you out of action, which is why personal accident insurance is a key consideration. Whether you need to take a few weeks off because of a broken hand or a few months to recover from a more serious accident, we’ll help to cover you financially in the interim.

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Key types of insurance for health and wellbeing businesses

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for health and wellbeing businesses that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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