Business insurance for Health and wellbeing businesses

Whether you’re a counsellor, yoga instructor, or sports masseuse, your health and wellbeing business focuses on helping people.

The treatment you administer can be transformative, but problems can arise. Insurance can safeguard against key risks, including misinterpreted advice or illness resulting from a treatment. You may also benefit from protection for equipment, treatment rooms and employees.

Tailor an insurance policy to the risks of your health or wellbeing profession to mitigate against potential claims.


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Why you need insurance in the health and wellbeing industry


Working as a counsellor means a client could claim your advice caused them harm. There’s also the potential for accidents or even data breaches.

Learn more about counsellors’ insurance

Life coach

Offering advice comes with the territory for a life coach, but you may make a mistake or be misinterpreted – insurance can cover resulting illness and complaints.

Learn more about life coach insurance

Massage therapists

In the course of relieving soreness, a massage therapist might receive a claim their treatment caused ill effects, or they find themselves unable to work.

Learn more about massage therapists’ insurance

Yoga instructors

Teaching flows comes with the risk of a student, the yoga instructor, or an employee becoming injured – someone could even trip over a stray block.

Learn more about yoga instructors’ insurance

Sports massage

Attempting to heal injuries involves the possibility of a sports massage exacerbating the issue. Self-employed masseurs might also opt to safeguard against being out of action.

Learn more about sports massage insurance

Zumba instructors

The high-energy workouts a Zumba instructor leads are always fun but working with the public can involve accidents or even property and equipment damage.

Learn more about Zumba instructors’ insurance


The work of a psychotherapist involves delicate processes. Insurance could help if treatment offered is brought into question, or even if the clinic is broken into.

Learn more about psychotherapists’ insurance

Pilates instructors

A Pilates instructor could receive help from insurance for their exercises causing further stress on existing issues, cover for their teaching space or employees.

Learn more about Pilates instructors’ insurance

Dietitian and nutritionists

Whether it’s helping clients to overcome illness or boost their vitality, dietitians and nutritionists work closely with people and may be vulnerable to associated risks.

Learn more about dieticians’ insurance


Being precise and facilitating energy flow is the focus of an acupuncturist, but mistakes can happen, or a client may say advice offered caused them harm.

Learn more about acupuncturists’ insurance

Personal trainers

For a personal trainer, working with people is a passion – but physical work brings the possibility of accidents and injuries. Equipment could also become damaged.

Learn more about personal trainers’ insurance

Complementary and holistic therapists

When you perform therapies that range from chiropody to meditation, insurance could help to protect against risks to people and your tools.

Learn more about complementary and holistic therapists’ insurance


Whether a patient claims there were errors in therapy, there’s a cyber breach or damage to someone’s property, insurance can come to a psychologist’s defence.

Learn more about psychologists’ insurance

Beauty therapist

Helping people to look and feel great is what beauticians do best, but equipment damage, a salon slip or a treatment mistake could prove costly.

Learn more about beauty therapists’ insurance

Dance teacher

A dance teacher provides fun exercise classes, but accidents and injuries may happen when moving to the beat – as can damage to a studio.

Learn more about dance teachers’ insurance


Business insurance tailored for an optician can help to cover several risks such as in-practice accidents, property damage, complaints by aggrieved employees and even data breaches.

Learn more about opticians’ insurance


Administering zone therapy to the feet and hands means you rely on your own hands, so reflexologists may wish to insure for personal accidents as well as treatment risks.

Learn more about reflexologists’ insurance

Reiki practitioners

Healing treatments involve contact with people, so there’s always a chance someone could trip on a loose floorboard in your treatment room – insurance may help to offset this type of risk.

Learn more about Reiki practitioners’ insurance

Key types of insurance for health and wellbeing businesses

We have a specialist combined product designed for health and wellbeing businesses – professional, treatment and public liability insurance. This brings together professional treatment liability insurance and public and products liability for protection from several angles. Tailor an online quote or speak to Hiscox’s experts to discover what insurance types are available for your profession.

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