Dance teacher insurance

As a dance teacher, your focus is on ensuring your students are safe, having fun and learning something new in your classes. While dancing is a therapeutic and rewarding sport, teaching classes comes with risks.

Depending on the type of dance you teach, your students could be experimenting with complex routines and unfortunately accidents and injuries happen. Whether you are an independent instructor or employ a team of teachers, it’s important to ensure you’re covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

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Why do dance teachers need insurance?

Dance studio insurance

If you own your dance studio space, commercial buildings insurance can protect against unforeseen damage and the costs you might incur. Including this cover as part of your dance instructor insurance protects against accidental damage to the property from students trying out new moves, but also against risks such as storms, floods and fire. If you rent your space, then this responsibility falls with your landlord. However, in this case it’s a good idea to add contents insurance to your policy, and if you teach off-site with expensive speakers or other kit, also consider portable equipment cover.

A student gets injured

Whenever you lead a session with students, they will be performing physical movements, meaning there’s always the risk of an accident or injury. A student might trip over a mat, or claim they’ve picked up an injury as a result of a new routine you’ve taught them. In both instances, they could make a claim against you. So, for dance teachers, public liability insurance with Hiscox is invaluable for covering legal fees and compensation payments – offering all-important reassurance.

You or your staff get injured

When you’re building dance class insurance cover, it’s tempting to completely focus on your students. However, classes can’t go ahead if you or your teachers are out of action, which can have a huge impact on your business. Accidents happen – whether you slip while demonstrating complex footwork, or trip on speaker wires. This is where personal accident insurance can help. Adding this cover to your policy means you can claim financial support until you or your team member are able to return.

What cover is included in insurance for dance teachers?

Professional indemnity insurance

All dance teachers want to create a positive environment where their students feel happy and safe. But sometimes things are out of your control – a member might sprain their ankle or sustain a muscular injury during the class you’re leading. Your student could claim the injury was due to an error in your teaching. Add Hiscox’s professional indemnity insurance to your policy and you’ll be covered for any financial or legal bills you receive as a result of compensation claim.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance for dance teachers is one of the most important types of cover to include in your policy in your line of work. As you’re regularly in contact with the public, you’re exposed to risk with every pirouette. If you accidentally damage a mobile phone while demonstrating the waltz, or a class member trips on a prop you’re using for a routine, you could be liable. Public liability covers the legal costs, compensation and expenses if a claim is made.

Employers' liability insurance

If you’re the owner of your business and the sole teacher, you won’t need to take out employers’ liability insurance. If you employ one or more instructors, however, you’re legally obliged to take out an employers’ liability policy. If one of your dance teachers claims they have been injured as a result of working for you, this type of insurance covers you for any compensation or legal costs you might incur.

Whether you’re looking for ballet instructor insurance or you teach contemporary classes, building the right cover is important. From personal accident cover to buildings insurancelegal protection and cyber risk, we offer a range of options to suit your needs as a dance teacher.

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Insurance for dance teachers FAQs

Is insurance a legal requirement for dance teachers?

If you employ staff other than yourself, whether that’s a personal assistant or a team of dance teachers, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. While all other types of insurance are optional, it’s important to build a comprehensive package. There’s always a level of risk involved in your work as you’re interacting with members of the public whenever you take a class – dance teacher insurance ensures you’re protected from unexpected costs.

Does insurance cover me for teaching classes at different venues?

Yes, if you work with Hiscox to build the right cover for your business, you’ll be covered for teaching at different venues. Public liability cover is imperative in this instance, as it covers you and your teachers whether you’re set up in a permanent dance studio or rent premises for different classes. If you take your own equipment to different venues, like speakers or a microphone, it might be worth considering portable equipment insurance too.

Does the type of dance I teach impact what cover I need?

Whether you’re in search of ballet teacher insurance or ballroom teacher insurance, Hiscox can work with you to tailor the perfect cover for your business. Dance is a physical sport, so teaching any variety of dance comes with risk of accidents or injuries. Public liability insurance will help protect your business from potentially costly compensation claims. If you employ staff, the only essential type of cover is employers’ liability insurance, but although others aren’t essential, they’re also important.

Does insurance for dance teachers cover me for performances or shows?

It’s a good idea to invest in a tailored insurance policy that includes public liability cover if your dance school puts on shows. Not only will you have an audience to think about, but live events also introduce factors you can’t plan for. You might take equipment with you, such as your sound system, professional lighting and possibly a laptop. To make sure these valuable items are covered, add portable equipment insurance to your policy for an extra layer of reassurance.

What is personal accident insurance for dance teachers?

Personal accident insurance for dance teachers provides financial support if they’re unable to work due to a physical injury as a result of an accident. If you or one of your key employees are incapable of working for over two weeks, we’ll pay up to a maximum amount until you’re able to return to the dance studio to teach. Taking out this type of cover as part of your dance instructor insurance package can prove invaluable if an injury occurs.

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