Business insurance for First aid training

Delivering first aid training can be rewarding, but it’s not without its risks – which is where business insurance can help.

When you work with people and offer advice that can impact the health of others, accidents and mistakes are a possibility – and, for a first aid trainer, lawsuits can come at a cost.

Tailor a first aid training policy to include protection for your people-facing role, from liability and indemnity insurance to cover for equipment.

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Why does a first aid trainer need insurance?

Training error

When you’re responsible for imparting first aid knowledge, the consequences of making a mistake could have an impact. After leading a first aid at work course, you receive a note from the company saying their group wasn’t given the appropriate training. Even if you believe you delivered the correct session, you’ll need to defend yourself if they file a claim against your business for negligence. 

Adding professional indemnity cover to your first aid training insurance can help fund legal defence and any settlement.

Employee injury

You run a fast-growing business specialising in paediatric first aid training. This mostly involves working with schools, so you find demand surges close to the start of term. 

Hiring other first aid trainers allows you to deal with a busy September – but you could need employers’ liability insurance for additional risks. When one of your new hires sustains a sprained wrist while carrying a box of mannequins, they attempt to sue for damages – fortunately, your first aid insurance can help to cover the cost.

Stolen equipment

You’re hired to attend a corporate first aid awareness event – thankfully the day goes smoothly and you leave feeling that your message was delivered well. You kept a spare first aid bag locked in a room after the morning’s chest compression demonstrations, but when you go to collect it, it’s been stolen. 

Since Hiscox’s portable equipment insurance is built into your first aid policy, we can help to pay for replacement kit.

What insurance is available for first aid training?

Insurance for first aid trainers can be tailored to also include personal accident cover, cyber insurance, legal protection and employers’ liability insurance – which may be a legal requirement (external link) if you have staff. If you work from permanent premises or have stock, tailored office insurance might help.


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These are just some of the types of business insurance we can offer first aid trainers. Build a policy tailored to the requirements of your business.

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First aid insurance: FAQs

Do you need insurance to be a first aid trainer?

There are several insurance products you may feel you need when you become a first aider, due to the position of responsibility you hold.

When you administer aid, there’s a chance someone might say you got it wrong. Professional treatment liability cover can step in if you’re accused of malpractice or negligence by helping to pay for legal fees and compensation.

Other covers may also be practical. If you’re self-employed, personal accident insurance can keep your finances on track, while public liability insurance may be a key consideration. Safeguarding your equipment might bring you reassurance, while employers' liability could even be required by law (external link) if you employ another first aider.

Is directors’ and officers’ insurance necessary for first aid trainers?

The only type of business insurance that is sometimes legally required in the UK is employers’ liability, but some first aid training business leaders consider directors’ and officers’ insurance necessary for them.

This is a type of management liability insurance designed to protect directors and other decision-makers from the risk of being held personally liable for issues such as failure to uphold health and safety regulations. It helps to meet compensation demands in such cases, protecting your finances and assets.

You might stand to benefit from this type of insurance if you’re one of the company directors of a first aid training business.

Does my business insurance cover me for defibrillator training?

As long as you’ve provided us with the full details of what you’re qualified to do within your role, and training others on the use of defibrillators is listed, then your business insurance will cover you for this work.

Teaching first aid involves understanding the nuances of health and illness in different people. We appreciate that this means having a comprehensive understanding and varied skillset, so we will strive to work with you and ensure your cover meets with your knowledge and qualifications.

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