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Product liability insurance works as part of your public liability cover to give you an extra layer of protection if someone complains about a specific product.

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Product liability insurance explained

It’s designed to work as part of your public liability insurance policy, covering you and your business against legal claims of injury to customers or damage to property, whether you’re involved in the design, production and manufacture, repair or just the supply of a product.

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About product liability insurance

What does product liability cover do?

Product liability insurance is useful in sectors like retail and technology, where it protects you when someone makes a claim for injury or damage caused by a product you’re involved with. You may be the manufacturer, the supplier or you could operate only the retail end, wherever you are in the life cycle, you could still be faced with a claim. Product liability cover, as part of your public liability insurance, safeguards you against legal and defence costs and settlements.

Who needs product liability insurance?

Any business involved in the design, production or supply of products to customers should have product liability insurance. You might be just one part of the supply chain, but you could still be held liable for defects that lead to injury or damage. Whether it’s a kitchen appliance malfunctioning and starting a fire or a faulty toy harming a child. The cost of compensation can be damaging for a small business.

What level of product liability cover do I need?

Product liability insurance covers you for the costs associated with claims of illness, injury or damage to property caused by a faulty product your business made, supplied or sold. Hiscox will build product cover into your public liability policy and we can tailor the level of protection you need to fit with your business, up to £10m if required. It also includes legal defence costs of up to £100,000 against criminal claims for failing to meet regulations.

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All you need to know about product liability insurance

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When product liability insurance can help

A defective product

A batch of thermostats used in the manufacture of kettles in China and sold through a UK high street electrical store failed to switch the device off automatically, scalding several users. They took the shop owner to court for damages as a result of the injuries they sustained.

Contaminated food products

Ingredients used in the production of a batch of processed ready meals were contaminated, resulting in the customers of a number of shops becoming ill. Legal action was taken against the manufacturer and the retailers for failing to take the necessary precautions.

Failing to meet the right standards

A retailer imported ride-on trucks for children from outside the EU. Plastic components used in production were found to be toxic, leaving children with serious irritations and skin conditions that needed medical attention. Legal action was taken against the importer, the distributor and the retailers.

What’s included in our cover

We’ll cover you for:

  • Up to £10 million of cover – your business is covered for compensation payable and the costs of defending a claim up to the level of cover you select.
  • Legal defence costs up to £100,000 – get cover for your legal fees if your business is the subject of a criminal claim for breaking the law.
  • Hiscox is rated 4.8/5 on Feefo - this is based on 2,985 reviews (as of September 2021) and means we provide your business with cover you can rely on

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