Business insurance for Massage therapists

When you provide professional massage services, insurance helps bring operational confidence by smoothing out business challenges.

Even the most attentive masseurs can run into costly misunderstandings with clients or members of the public. Whether it’s professional treatment liability insurance to assist with claims of wrongdoing, or protection for your income after an accident, cover can defend a massage business from several angles.

Insurance may help your massage therapy enterprise to recover from lawsuits or property damage.

As a professional massage therapist, client wellbeing is at the heart of your work – insurance looks after your company in return.


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Why do massage therapists need insurance?

Honest accidents

You always strive to provide a relaxing experience for your clients. However, when you set up for a corporate wellness day at your client’s office, failing to secure equipment could disrupt the peace. You may forget to fix the clamp on your adjustable therapy chair, causing someone to fall mid-massage, or knock over a dividing screen, smashing your client’s top-of-the-range printer. Working in this way brings certain liabilities and including public liability as part of your massage therapy business insurance, can help.

Out of action

Sometimes accidents affect your ability to work. If you pick up a wrist injury from slipping in icy weather, a doctor may advise you to avoid placing pressure on it for several weeks. The art of massage requires careful use of your hands, so even minor injuries to the wrists, arms and shoulders can interfere with your ability to trade. Opting to include personal accident cover in your massage insurance can protect your earnings if this happens.

Injured employee

Your spa massage centre may require masseurs to assemble massage beds and handle cleaning products. When a member of staff is unable to work due to a back injury or chemical burn they sustained on the job, they could sue over the work-related injury. Employers’ liability insurance has your back by covering a range of related costs, including court attendance compensation, pay-outs and legal fees.

What insurance is available for massage therapists?

Some massage therapists also choose cyber insurance to manage the impact of cybercrime, employers’ liability to help with staff claims and cover for their massage clinic property.

Not sure what you need?

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Insurance for massage therapists: FAQs

What insurance does a mobile massage therapist need?

In addition to insurance such as professional treatment liability, a mobile massage therapist may consider products such as a public liability policy due to frequent contact with people and property.

Portable equipment insurance may also be key protection for mobile massage therapists since kit isn’t covered by office insurance when you’re out and about.

If you use a folding massage bed, a therapy chair or oil warmer on-the-go, then this type of insurance could feel like a lifeline in the event of loss, damage or theft.

How much is massage insurance?

Hiscox takes a tailored approach to building cover, so your business insurance can combine several types of policy, tailored to your massage business. What’s right for an independent massage spa may not suit a self-employed, mobile masseur, so we make it possible to build the cover you need.

This means the cost of massage insurance will depend on the type and number of insurance products you select, as well as the cover limit you set for each.

Insurance for massage therapy businesses can start from as little as £10 per month for singular policies with Hiscox.

Do I need to submit proof of qualification when applying for massage insurance?

We don’t ask massage practitioners to submit proof of qualification in order to get insurance.

You will need to declare that you hold the necessary qualifications to practice as part of the application process, however, and would be asked to provide them in the event of a claim.

Accuracy can be important when purchasing business insurance, since deliberately giving false information may lead a policy to be voided to inception. If any of the information is not true, accurate and complete, it could affect the validity of the policy and our ability to make a claim – so if something changes, always let us know.

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