Business insurance for art and crafts shops

Running an art and crafts shop is all about helping customers unlock their creativity. Whether you sell paint brushes in an art supplies store or knitting needles in a craft supplies shop.

Business insurance can provide peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as a customer suffering an injury on your premises or because of your product.

Focus on fostering your customers’ creative skills with business insurance for your crafts shop.

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The Hiscox approach lets you tailor insurance to your retail business, whether you run a small crafts shop or hobby store or manage a retail team.

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Why do you need insurance for your art and crafts shop?

Shop display accident

You load your art supplies store window with display boxes of new paint brushes around an assembled easel holding a half-completed canvas. It looks great. But as you’re working on the display, a passer-by trips on a stack of the boxed brushes, landing awkwardly and breaking their wrist. You’re devastated for the injured person. But also concerned about protecting your business.

Insurance tailored with public liability cover can help to support with the cost of compensation for third-party injuries.

Defective glue gun damages carpets

You sell tools for crafters in your craft supplies shop. You sell a glue gun to a local toy maker, but the buyer returns – unhappy. They claim the glue gun is faulty and has leaked, causing damage to their sofa and carpets. Naturally, you want to help rectify the situation but you’re not sure how to cover the cost.

Product liability insurance can help with the cost of compensation if a product you have sold causes injury or damage to the buyer’s property.

Your card reader is lost

Sometimes you take your art and crafts shop on the road with a pop-up ‘hobby store’ stand at a local craft fair. It’s a fantastic opportunity to market your business and secure a few sales, and a portable card reader helps you to keep payments flowing. Today, an hour into the event, you notice this is missing.

Whether it was lost, or even stolen, portable equipment insurance can help you to replace the reader and keep hobby store sales coming.

What insurance is available for art and crafts shops?

Art and crafts shop owners may also take out employers’ liability insurance if they employ staff in their store. Others might add cyber and data insurance if they trade online.

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Insurance for art and crafts shops: FAQs

What is shop insurance?

Shop insurance is a broad, catch-all term that is used to describe several different types of business insurance relevant to retail businesses, including art and crafts shops. There’s no one-size-fits-all ‘shop insurance’ product. Instead, you build a tailored cover package that may include business contents insurance, public and products liability cover and employers’ liability insurance.

Do shops have to have public liability insurance?

If you run a shop, you’re not required by law to arrange public liability insurance. However, if you fail to arrange public liability cover and then someone makes a claim after suffering an injury or damage to their property in relation to your business activities, you’ll have to face legal fees or compensation costs without cover or support.

Do I need employers’ liability insurance for my crafts shop?

If you employ people at your art and crafts shop then yes you will need employers’ liability (EL) insurance. You are required by law to take our EL as soon as you hire your first member of staff. If you plan to run your shop yourself with no employees, you may not require EL.

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