Business insurance for Reiki practitioners

For a practitioner of Reiki, insurance can be a protective force. Cover can step in to protect your business while you concentrate on channelling energy.

You might have a practice, or you could be a mobile healer – either way, your business is focused on working with people. This comes with a risk of accidents or dissatisfied customers.

Tailor insurance for your Reiki practice so you can treat your clients with peace of mind.

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Why choose Hiscox for your Reiki insurance?


Saving time and money

Our new combined professional, treatment and public liability product brings together multiple coverages in one policy. This can save a Reiki practitioner time and money



Specialists that understand you

Benefit from access to a dedicated insurance claims team who understand the issues that can impact Reiki professionals


Support that goes above and beyond

We make it easy to update your policy, supporting you as your business grows. We also offer help through the Business Support Hub

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Why does a Reiki practitioner need insurance?

Treatment illness

Your clients might book energy healing treatment to alleviate anxiety or get help with Crohn’s symptoms. The experience of Reiki can vary too,so when someone claims your therapy exacerbated anxiety symptoms, they may begin legal proceedings.Your combined professional, treatment and public liability insurance can step in to help pay legal bills and support with compensation pay outs.

Broken equipment

While you’re visiting a client, they accidentally snap the adjustable leg of your therapy table at the end of their treatment. This kit is crucial to yourworkand you have a full week of appointments to make. As a mobile Reiki practitioner, adding portable equipment insurance to your business policy, could help youget financial help for a speedy repair or replacement.

Personal injury

After injuring your foot at the gym, your doctor explains you need to rest for several weeks, leaving you unable to practice Reiki. With personal accident insurance, a self-employed Reiki practitioner can receive financial support until it’s possible to get back to work. You could receive a lump sum, plus a weekly payment of £250 if you cannot practice for more than two weeks.

What insurance is available for a Reiki practitioner?

Professional treatment liability insurance and public liability insurance can be helpful for Reiki practitioners. So, we have combined them into one product – professional, treatment and public liability insurance. Though we talk about them separately below, professional, treatment and public liability insurance is a combined cover with one combined limit. You can get public liability cover as a Reiki practitioner by purchasing this combined cover. Have questions? Contact us by phone or email.

Other insurance covers are available for a Reiki practitioner. These include property cover, personal accident insurance, cyber cover and legal protection

Insurance for Reiki practitioners: FAQs

What insurance do you need for Reiki?

A Reiki practitioner may find they have a need for several types of business insurance. These covers can be combined to create a tailored policy that best suits your practice. When you have staff, however, employers’ liability may be needed (external link) by law.

For your industry, Hiscox has created a specific product – professional, treatment and public liability insurance – combining cover for professional treatment, public liability and product risks. If someone says they experienced a personal injury or property damage, or that your treatment caused harm, the insurance can help with legal costs.

Other types of business insurance that may be helpful for a Reiki practitioner include personal accident insurance, cyber cover, legal protection and cover for equipment.

How much does Reiki insurance cost?

Small business insurance quotes with Hiscox start from £8.40 a month*. How much your Reiki cover costs will depend on the size of your business and which types of commercial cover you tailor your policy with. Professional, treatment and public liability insurance costs start at £70 per month, for instance.

You may also add different cover limits for each insurance type to reflect the risks your business could face. For instance, you might add a higher professional, treatment and public liability cover limit to reflect industry risks – this also shapes your quote.

Learn more about how much business insurance may cost you.

*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between January 2023 and January 2024

Does insurance provide cover for student Reiki practitioners?

Yes, our Reiki insurance will provide cover for those currently studying Reiki as long as your work is carried out under the supervision of your teacher or trainer, or your teacher or trainer has assessed your competency and they have confirmed to you, that you can practice Reiki without supervision.

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