Business insurance for Beauticians

If you work in beauty, insurance really matters. Every day, your skills and experience can help your clients to look and feel their best. But sometimes treatments don’t go to plan. And that’s when you need protection.

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Insuring your beautician business

No matter how professional you are, it’s a hands-on workplace and there’s always a risk that a client could claim they suffered an injury, illness or reaction as a result of something you or an employee did. Mistakes, accidents, bad advice – they can all cause lasting problems that threaten your business. At Hiscox we can tailor an insurance package to protect beauty therapists and their customers.

Why you need business insurance in beauty services

Illness and injury

A trip to the beautician is meant to be relaxing – but what if a customer injures themselves in a fall at your salon? Or they have an adverse reaction to one of the cosmetic procedures? Injuries are upsetting and stressful, but they can also cost you time, money and possibly your reputation.

Unhappy clients

Despite your best efforts, sometimes clients aren’t happy with your service. A haircut they grow to hate, or a filler or botox treatment that doesn’t go according to plan. No matter who’s at fault, if a client brings a claim against your beauty salon, insurance that defends and protects you is important.

Problems with premises or equipment

If there’s a serious problem at your salon all treatments must stop until it’s up and running again. You may have to cancel appointments, disappoint clients and miss out on earnings. Business interruption insurance can help you to work around problems with your premises like fires, floods and theft and we can insure your mobile beautician equipment too, so you can get back to business quickly.

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Key types of insurance for beauty therapists

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for beauticians that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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