Business insurance for Electricians

From major construction projects to late-night domestic callouts, life can be varied for an electrician. Insurance can help mitigate unwanted surprises. You’re highly skilled and deeply experienced. But mistakes can happen. 

Public liability insurance for electricians can help if your rewiring work damages a client’s property, for example. Whether you’re an electrical contractor or run your own electrician business, other insurance types can prove useful. Indemnity insurance for electrical work can help fight claims of negligent services or advice.


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Public liability cover from £5.20Get public liability insurance for your electrician business from as little as £5.20 a month

*Figures based on an average of all public liability policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between April 2023 and April 2024


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Why do electricians need insurance?

Illness and injury

Working on a construction site as an electrical contractor can be dangerous. Someone on-site or a member of the public could be injured, whether you’re at fault or not. Injuries can be serious, sometimes lifechanging. Insurance can help to deal with the fallout. 

If a member of the public is hurt as a result of your electrician work, public liability insurance can help protect your business should you face legal action.

Poor advice or services

You’re working for a commercial retail client. As part of the job, you provide technical plans and drawings for new electrical installations. You were initially happy with the work but later realise you made an error. The client claims your negligence has cost them money and decides to sue. 

Professional indemnity insurance for electricians can help to pay any compensation and cover your legal costs.

Equipment problems

If a key piece of equipment smashes when you're travelling to a job, work stops until a repair or replacement is sourced. You then have to deal with shifting project deadlines and angry clients. 

Having insurance in place to protect your tools and other equipment means we’ll cover the costs of repairs or replacements to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

What insurance is available for electricians?

Tailor your electrician insurance plan to what you need. If you employ members of staff, you’re legally required to purchase employers’ liability insurance. We also provide cyber and data insurance, insurance for sole traders and personal accident insurance

Some electricians also choose to add business contents insurance, to cover the property inside an office or workshop. Equipment breakdown insurance, meanwhile, can cover tools that stop working due to a mechanical fault.

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Insurance for electricians: FAQS

Do electricians need indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is an option for many electricians. While you’re not legally required to purchase indemnity insurance, it can provide financial help if you find yourself facing legal action as a result of negligent advice or services. Some clients may require you to purchase indemnity insurance before you can do electrical work for them.

How much can PL insurance cover an electrician for?

No two businesses are the same, which is why no two covers are the same. How much your public liability insurance covers you for depends on you and what you want for your business. With Hiscox, you can take out up to £10 million in public liability insurance, though many electricians may take out less. Tailor your electrician liability cover to your needs.

Do self-employed electricians need insurance?

Self-employed electricians aren’t always obliged to own insurance. But if you employ staff, you’re legally required to purchase employers’ liability insurance (external link). Some clients may also require you to purchase certain insurance as an electrician. For example, if you’re an electrical contractor the company you’ll be working for might demand a electricians have minimum level of public liability insurance before you start work.

Do I need employers’ liability insurance for sub-contractors?

It’s possible that you might need employers’ liability insurance for sub-contractors, even if they are labourers. When thinking about whether you need employers’ liability insurance for sub-contractors, consider the following – would your sub-contractor be able to hire a sub-contractor of their own if they were unable to do the job? If the answer is yes, you might not need employers’ liability insurance.