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Hiscox Home Insurance is rated 5 star by Defaqto and we've also been awarded the 2016 Consumer Intelligence Most Trusted award, as voted for by consumers. Find out more about our Unlimited Home and Contents Insurance cover.
Choose the business insurance product that best suits your needs and receive flexible cover within minutes. Our public liability insurance provides comprehensive protection against claims for accidental injury or property damage.
Hiscox Philosophy
"Relationships are based on trust."
Customer reviews
"Excellent service. Fantastic responsiveness and could not have had a more helpful person working with me on this."
Tech Track 100
The annual Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table ranks the UK’s fastest growing tech, media and telecom companies. Find out who made the 2016 list and hear from successful entrepreneurs on how they built their businesses.
Small Business Hub
Forget lofty, jargon-filled advice - we're more concerned with the real, human and practical side of running your own business. Here you’ll find a range of guides, insight, tools and inspiration for small business owners, from industry experts.
Claims feedback
Over 96% of customers surveyed who have made a claim would recommend Hiscox to their friends and family.

(Insight Now, 347 surveys,
Jun-Nov 2016)
Making a claim
We always strive to provide speedy, efficient, courteous and fair handling of your insurance claim to minimise the disruption to your life or business.