Business insurance for Pilates instructor

Working as a pilates teacher is a rewarding job. You’ll likely be helping your clients stretch, tone and strengthen key muscles, while improving their general well-being on a weekly basis. But if a client stretches too far, or injures themselves during a class, they could hold you responsible. And if they decided to pursue a claim it could hurt your business financially. Pilates teacher insurance covers your business should an incident or injury happen and gives you peace of mind that your pilates business could still thrive regardless.  

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Pilates treatment insurance

As a pilates instructor, you’re often asked to tailor exercises to those with specific illnesses and injuries. But if a client’s injury is made worse as a result of your professional advice or treatment, they could seek financial compensation. Professional treatment insurance would cover any legal and financial costs involved in disputing a case, and any medical bills if their claim was successful.

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Pilates instructor liability insurance

Whether you run one-to-one sessions or group classes, public liability insurance is one of the most important types of cover to have in place. Public liability insurance provides essential protection if a member of the public injures themselves, or you accidentally damage a third party’s property while running your business. This type of pilates teacher insurance covers your business if:

  • You accidentally damage a client’s property - For example, if you damage a valuable antique or piece of art in a client’s home during a one-on-one session
  • A member of the public hurts themselves as a result of your work – For example, if a client or customer trips or falls over a loose floorboard in your premises

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Employers’ liability insurance for pilates instructors

Do you employ other pilates teachers in your practice? If so, there’s always a risk they could become injured or ill while working for you. If this were to happen, your employee could hold you responsible, and seek compensation from you by pursuing a claim.

With employers’ liability insurance, your business would be protected against the cost of defending or settling any legal cases. It would also cover any financial losses incurred from paying out compensation. However, it’s worth noting this kind of pilates teacher insurance only covers your staff and doesn’t protect you personally. 

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Do I need both public liability + employers’ liability insurance?

If you employ one or more members of staff, the law requires you to have employers’ liability insurance. You’re not legally obliged to have public liability insurance, but it’s highly recommended by insurance experts. It’s worth noting that if you choose to take out only public liability insurance, your employees wouldn’t be covered in the event of an accident or incident. 

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Office insurance

If you’re a pilates instructor, there’s also a good chance you keep your clients’ records and other important documents on a computer. Our office contents policy protects your home or office-based small businesses against the cost of replacing or repairing this kind of equipment if it is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen. You can also add a range of specialist covers to your policy such as:

  • Portable equipment – cover for equipment outside of the office, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Business interruption – cover for the financial losses you could incur from being unable to trade due to an unexpected event, incident or business interruption
  • Equipment breakdown – cover for the sudden electrical or mechanical breakdown of your office equipment

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Cyber and data insurance

When you’re not leading 1:1 or group pilates classes, you probably spend a good portion of your time keeping on top of the administrative side of your business. If you use a computer to do this, there is always a risk your systems could be attacked by a hacker or you could experience a data leak. With cyber and data insurance, you’re covered for any legal and recovery costs should an incident happen. What’s more, this type of insurance provides you with peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best: helping your clients.

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