Business insurance for Yoga instructors

Your aim as a yoga teacher is to share the philosophy of yoga by teaching positions from child’s pose to lotus – Hiscox business insurance can offer reassurance as you focus on this goal.

No matter whether you create a tranquil atmosphere for jivamukti yoga or deliver vinyasa flow classes online, there’s a chance you might face claims from customers or members of the public.

Risk can be unavoidable, even in yoga – a student may claim your instruction caused injury or an accident could leave you unable to teach. Operating online, even temporarily, may create additional cyber risks.

Our business insurance can be tailored to your circumstances as a yoga instructor to help guard against the implications of legal claims and other setbacks.


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Cover tailored to youOur flexible cover means you can tailor your policy to your specific business and only pay for the cover you need.


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Insurance from £10*Tailored business cover with Hiscox starts from as little as £10 a month.

*Figures based on policies from at least 10% of our customers in 2020.

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Why do yoga instructors need insurance?

Pain and strains

A flow you’re sharing with a class focuses on opening the heart chakra, promoting positive energy and lowering stress levels. This involves backbends, including Camel and Cobra poses. Although you take it slowly and advise the class to ease into position, a student experiences sudden and severe neck pain. The student claims it was your teaching and advice that caused the injury. Professional treatment liability could help with the cost of settling or defending a claim of malpractice or negligence against your yoga business.

Stray yoga mats

Your freelance session at a town hall finishes with a relaxing combination of Balasana and Shavasana poses, but unfortunately the calm created doesn’t last long. As your students tidy away their blocks and mats, the next booking for the hall arrives and an attendee trips over a mat that’s not yet been put away. Public liability insurance as part of your yoga teacher policy could help to cover your legal expenses should the injured party choose to make a legal claim.

Unable to teach

Being a yoga teacher involves demonstrating poses and flows for your students to follow, meaning if you become injured, you might not be able to teach. While out on a weekend run, you turn your ankle on an uneven surface and your doctor advises rest for up to six weeks. If you’re unable to work for more than two weeks, personal accident insurance could provide a weekly payment until you can return. It could also assist with rehabilitation if required.

What cover is included in insurance for yoga instructors?

As a practicing yoga instructor, other insurances including personal accident, cyber risk and property covers may also help you run your business with reassurance.

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These are just some of the types of business insurance that we can offer to yoga instructors. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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Insurance for yoga instructors: FAQs

Do I need yoga studio insurance?

Yes, property insurance may be a source of comfort, for example if you welcome students to your studio for yoga classes. Our property insurance could offer cover in the event that your studio becomes damaged as a result of an accident, storm, flood, fire or even a break-in. You can combine this with other covers such as professional treatment liability, personal accident insurance, cyber cover and employers’ liability if you employ other instructors.

Public liability cover can also be an important insurance type to include in a yoga policy – especially if you hire public spaces to teach your classes.

Do I need to insure my yoga equipment?

As a yoga teacher, you are likely to take some equipment along to classes, such as speakers to play ambient music, mats and blocks for newcomers and resistance bands for hypermobile students. Insurance for equipment might help protect your business.

Freelance instructors may carry these things from class to class, increasing the risk of damage, loss or even theft. Your small business relies on this kit to function, so portable equipment insurance could cover the cost of repairing or replacing your items and help to keep your classes scheduled in, whatever happens.

Do I need yoga insurance if I’m teaching online?

Yes, even if you’re teaching yoga via virtual classes, you could need business insurance cover.

Some yoga businesses moved online in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen instructors giving live guidance via video link. If you’re still sharing advice and leading lessons online, you might still benefit from the backing of professional treatment liability insurance. Your use of online platforms and digital communication may have also increased, so our cyber and data cover could also prove beneficial.

At home, you may keep similar items to those in a studio, plus the device you use to host classes. Therefore, considering a business insurance policy suited to running a home-based business could be a good idea – your home insurance might not cover your business equipment.

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