Business insurance for Window cleaners

If you’re in the business of professional window cleaning, insurance probably conjures up images of falling from a ladder. It’s a valid concern, but working at heights isn’t the only thing that a professional business insurance policy can cover you for. It’s important to think about public safety, your tools and equipment and how you’d keep the business running if you or an employee is out of action for a while.

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Insuring your window cleaning business

Running a window cleaning business is harder than most people realise. Physical work, planning routes, sourcing new customers and collecting money mean you’re always on the go. As a window cleaner, insurance is there to cover the times that things unexpectedly break, but it also protects you if customers make complaints or if you find you’re unable to earn money for a while, whether it’s a couple of days or weeks on end. We’ll tailor your window cleaning cover to your company and the way you work.

Why you need business insurance in window cleaning

Slips, trips and falls

Ladders aside, you and your employees, people on site and members of the public could be injured. It’s not always the obvious things that cause injury, but if your equipment is blocking a pavement and someone trips and falls they may blame you. Whether it's your fault or not injuries are upsetting and stressful, but they can also cost you time, money and your reputation. Employer liability insurance makes sure that you’re equipped to cope with the unexpected.

Unhappy clients

You may pride yourself on your service, but it's no guarantee against clients complaining about the quality of your work. It could be that their property gets damaged while you’re in the middle of the job or that one of your employees breaks something on the way into the garden. No matter who’s at fault, if a client brings a claim against your business you’ll need a professional insurance policy in place that defends and protects your window cleaning business.

Keeping your equipment safe

Your job is all about hard work, but it also depends on your equipment and your transport. If your window cleaning equipment is damaged or stolen, you can’t work. Apart from immediate lost earnings, if you can’t fulfil your appointments, you may lose your clients to a rival outfit, which is a long-term headache. Having insurance to protect your window cleaning business means we’ll cover the costs of repairs or replacements and get you back on track.

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Key types of insurance for the window cleaning industry

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for window cleaners that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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