No matter what industry you work in, or the number of people you employ, every company could potentially find themselves facing business insurance claims at some point down the line. From your day-to-day operations, to the premises you work from and the employees you hire, every business comes with its risks.

Even when you’re doing everything within your control to ensure that work is completed to the best possible standard, and health and safety rules are in place, mistakes can still happen. This is where business insurance can protect your business, by covering you financially for any compensation payments or legal action that you may face as a result of a claim. Business insurance claims examples can include anything from an employee tripping and injuring them self at work (employers’ liability), to client data being compromised (professional indemnity).

Below you can read a series of insurance claims stories from real Hiscox customers and find out how we could potentially support your business.

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Public Liability Claims Case Studies

Take a browse through some of our previous insurance claims stories which outline some public liability claims examples. See how Hiscox protects UK businesses.


Professional Indemnity Claims Case Studies

Read through the real experiences of Hiscox indemnity customers and understand the ways we can work to protect you and your business from potential legal threats.

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