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Accidents happen, but if those accidents leave you or your team unable to work, that can have a devastating effect on your business. If the worst happens, Hiscox Personal Accident Insurance can help protect your business by offering financial support until you can get back to work.

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Personal accident insurance explained

You can protect your business by taking out a personal accident policy. If you or an employee are injured in an accident and can’t work, Hiscox will give you a sum of money that you can use how you want to minimise the impact to your business. How much we pay depends on the type of injury received and how much it stops the person from doing their job.

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About personal accident insurance

What does personal accident insurance cover do?

If you or an employee are physically injured in an accident and can’t work for over two weeks, we’ll pay £250 a week until you can come back to work. If someone is left with a permanent serious injury such as losing your hearing or losing the use of a limb, we’ll give you a lump sum payment. We will also pay for things like medical, retraining or recruitment expenses depending on the type of injury.

When should I get personal accident insurance?

If your business relies on key people and roles to function, you need personal accident cover insurance now. You can’t predict the unexpected, but you can plan for it. We’ll help to soften the blow and take the strain off you, and them, should the worst happen.

How much personal accident cover will I need?

You can choose how much cover you want from £5,000 to £100,000. That’s the amount we’ll pay you as a lump sum if someone is permanently injured in accident which means they can’t work. How much personal accident cover you need will come down to how much disruption you think it would cause if you or your team could no longer do their work, and how much financial support you think you would need to support your business.

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Where personal accident insurance cover can help

Temporary injury

If you or an employee can’t work because of an accidental injury we will pay you £250 a week. You can use that money however you like to minimise the disruption to your business. We’ll pay you until the injured person can return to work, for up to two years.

Permanent injury

If you or an employee suffer a serious permanent injury such as losing a limb, losing your hearing or another permanent injury which prevents you working as a result of an accident we will pay you a lump sum of up to £100,000.

Medical expenses

If an employee is injured we will pay for up to £10,000 of medical expenses to help in their recovery. We’ll also pay up to £5,000 for physiotherapy expenses, and £5,000 for counselling expenses to help the injured person get back on their feet.

What’s included in your personal accident insurance cover

We’ll cover you if:

  • An insured person is permanently disabled or killed, whether the accident occurs at work or not.
  • An insured person suffers an injury that leaves them temporarily disabled and unable to work.
  • One of your insured employees requires retraining to start a new career as a result of permanent injuries.
  • Your employee incurs medical expenses.
  • Funeral expenses including the cost to repatriate someone.


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