Hiscox Risk Academy

What is Hiscox Risk Academy (HRA)?

The Hiscox Risk Academy (HRA) is a free online risk management platform. Access to the HRA is automatically offered to you as a Hiscox customer. Once signed up, you will be able to set up and roll out the service to your employees.

What does access to the Risk Academy offer?

Employers are required by law to effectively manage the risk and well-being of employees and the public. The HRA has been designed to simplify and streamline the whole process. Access includes:

  • Training
    A library of IOSH approved eLearning courses, including employee cyber training for cyber customers.
  • Documents
    A portfolio of document templates, including health and safety policies, risk assessments and guidance documents.
  • Assessments
    Access to online risk assessment tools for the workforce for risk areas such as display screen equipment, driving, homeworking, new and expectant mothers.
  • Ask the expert
    Access to free bespoke guidance and advice from our professional experts, as required.

What is Hiscox Risk Academy CyberClear?

Hiscox cyber customers also receive free access to employee cyber training. Hiscox Risk Academy CyberClear includes six learning pathways covering topics as wide-ranging as social engineering and payment diversion fraud to GDPR regulations and fraud awareness. Four pathways are for all users and two are created just for managers. Additional resource material is also provided.

Training at regular intervals to reinforce key messages
  • Understanding that employees have limited time, the Hiscox Risk Academy CyberClear provides access to training modules on a continual basis. The content is concise, relevant and is available at regular intervals, saving time for employees while reinforcing key messages.
  • The continual nature of the training also helps to combat complacency and ensures that employees are equipped to deal with this ever-changing threat.
Assesses employees’ comprehension and monitors their progress
  • Every module finishes with a short test to confirm that the content has been clearly understood. A module will not be complete until the assessment has been successfully passed.
  • The progress of all employees can be monitored by your own appointed system administrator.
Simple user experience so employees can easily progress their training
  • The Hiscox CyberClear Academy offers a hassle free experience, with instructional videos providing users and administrators with the information they need to effectively complete their training.
  • Optimised for web and mobile, the Hiscox CyberClear academy is accessible on any device, and with each learning module being short and concise, employees can complete the training at a time and setting that suits them.
A far-reaching defence against the cyber threat
  • The Hiscox Risk Academy CyberClear features six learning pathways, allowing employees to understand all aspects of the cyber risk.
  • Subjects include protecting social engineering, payment diversion fraud, password safety, device and system security, extortion and data exfiltration, fraud awareness, and GDPR.

How to sign up?

Access and activation information will be provided as part of your policy information. In order to gain access onto the Hiscox Risk Academy, you will need to access the link provided and create your own login. The Hiscox Risk Academy can then be set up and access provided to all employees, with access to content tailored specifically to the duties and risks the employees are exposed to.

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