How much does business insurance cost?

The cost of business insurance depends on the size of your business, where you carry out your work and how many types of commercial cover you build into your policy. There are no real average business insurance costs. Small business insurance quotes from Hiscox start at £8.40 a month*.

Your final business insurance cost will reflect the limits you put on the amount of cover you purchase and on the risks your business encounters. Small business insurance costs, as a rule, will depend on things like whether or nor your regularly deal with heavy machinery or often have member of the public on your commercial premises.


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When you start comparing business insurance quotes, make sure that you are looking at more than just the final figure.
Ensure that you find the one which offers the best protection for the risks in your field and buy from a reputable insurance provider.

When you get a quote from Hiscox, you'll be given a price for a policy which includes:

  • immediate business insurance coverage and documentation
  • no admin fees if you amend your policy
  • a range of cover limits to suit your unique business needs
  • professional cover from the winners of Best Small Business Insurance Provider

To get an accurate price for your commercial insurance policy you can apply for a commercial insurance quote by filling out your business’s details online.

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Cost of Public Liability Insurance

There are several factors that can have an impact on the public liability insurance price offered by insurers, if you want to know more visit our dedicated public liability FAQ.

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Cost of Professional Indemnity Insurance

Indemnity cover can be tailored to a wide range of professions to protect from the risks your business could face. Find out more about the different levels and costs here:

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*figures based on policies from at least 10% of our customers


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