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Equipment breakdown coverage protects your business against unexpected costs caused by sudden mechanical or electrical failure. As a professional, you invest in the best equipment money can buy because you need reliability, but sometimes things go wrong.

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Equipment breakdown insurance explained

Hiscox equipment breakdown insurance protects you against downtime, so you don’t miss deadlines or let your customers down. We’ll make sure you get immediate assistance – or replacement equipment – to keep your business moving.

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About equipment breakdown insurance

What does equipment breakdown insurance cover do?

Equipment breakdown coverage provides up to £15,000 towards replacing or repairing the machinery your business relies on. If there’s a serious electrical or mechanical failure, we’ll help you sort the problem and get you back to business. We can also provide coverage for data incidents, helping to restore data that’s lost or damaged.

When should I get equipment breakdown insurance?

If your business relies on specialist equipment to keep running and to serve your clients, you need to think about putting machinery breakdown coverage in place. Doing it now, before you experience a serious outage or failure means you’ll be equipped to deal with any problems in future.

How much equipment breakdown cover will I need?

We can cover you for up to £15,000 so you can choose the level of coverage to protect your most valuable assets. We’ll help you to figure out how much cover you need when you tell us about your business and equipment you rely on. We’ll tailor your policy to suit your needs, so you’re properly protected.

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Where equipment breakdown insurance cover can help

Resume operations quickly

Even the most reliable machinery can go wrong. An unexpected power surge, an explosion, or a ceiling collapse – anything that renders equipment unusable will have serious implications for your business. We’ll cover the costs of putting it right or sourcing a replacement quickly.

Manage data loss

Data is the lifeblood of your business, keeping track of customer data, orders and accounts. Computer breakdown insurance covers your network server against equipment failure and with up to £5,000 towards data recovery we’ll help you to resume normal operations as quickly as possible.

Serve your customers

An equipment failure could halt productivity for days or weeks – if you don’t have adequate machinery breakdown insurance. Failure to fulfil current customer orders could affect future business too, so reducing downtime is crucial. With up to £15,000 coverage, you can source repairs or replacements immediately.

What’s included in your equipment breakdown insurance cover

We’ll cover you if:

  • Machinery and equipment is damaged as a result of electrical arcing, explosion or building collapse.
  • Equipment outages cause interruptions that affect business income.
  • You’ve temporarily relocated computer equipment within the UK or Ireland.
  • You’ve properly maintained insured equipment and machinery according to supplier guidance.
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