Business insurance for Home businesses

If you run your own company from home, business insurance is easy to overlook – you might assume that you’ll already be covered by your existing home insurance policy, but unless it’s very comprehensive, it’s unlikely to cover all of your business activities. With Hiscox business insurance for home businesses, you can be certain that you’re covered for all eventualities.

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Home business insurance explained

Whatever business you’re in, you work hard to provide the best service you can and that’s what your clients expect. But things don’t always go to plan. Hiscox home business insurance provides coverage for public liability risks, so if someone has an accident while visiting your home office, we’ll cover you. You’re also insured against issues with running your business like missed contractual obligations, damage to your business equipment, cyber threats and data loss.

Where home business insurance cover can help

Disagreements with clients

Running a business from home works in the same way as running it from anywhere else as far as your reputation and professional standards are concerned. If a client believes you’ve provided them with substandard products or incorrect advice and that they’ve suffered financial or reputational damage because of it, they may well decide to take legal action against you. If they do, home business insurance will be there to cover the costs of defending yourself and any compensation you might have to pay.

Injuries on your premises

These days many people work from home without ever meeting a client on their own premises,  but other businesses depend on that one-to-one interaction. Whether you're a professional in sports massage, a music teacher or a counsellor, if you’re opening your door to members of the public and they hurt themselves stepping over your threshold, they could blame you and take legal action. Putting public liability insurance in place makes sure you’re protected.

Data falls into the wrong hands

If you use the internet in any capacity for your business, you’re likely to be dealing with bank details and your own private data, but you may hold information about your clients too. If you suffer an IT failure that data might be lost, which is annoying and disruptive, but if you fall prey to a cyber attack you could see sensitive data about clients who trust you being held to ransom. We’ll work to get it back safely and cover the costs of doing so.

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Key types of insurance for home businesses

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These are just some of the types of home business insurance that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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