Business insurance for Tattoo artists

If you run a tattoo shop, insurance is something you’ve almost certainly given attention to. Your professional role is to interpret and apply permanent body art for other people and while you take great care planning every design, you’ll be well aware of the need to cover yourself for disagreements with clients. But you may not realise just how tailored a full business insurance package can be – we can help you to build a policy that’s designed for your industry and your own specific business.

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Insuring your tattoo shop

Despite your best efforts, things don’t always go to plan. You’re not offering a mass-produced product or painting by the numbers, every piece is bespoke, and while most clients will be delighted with your work, mistakes can happen. It might be that a new starter comes up against something they haven't done before, or maybe a client insists what they've ended up with isn't what they asked for. In short, things break, mistakes are made and disagreements with customers happen, so insuring your tattoo shop is essential.

Why you need tattoo shop business insurance

When clients don’t see eye to eye

A client may be disappointed with their new tattoo and challenge you on the work delivered. It could there’s an issue with aftercare, they need to pay for additional work to correct problems, or maybe a client just changes their mind. No matter who’s at fault, if a client brings a claim against your tattoo parlour, insurance means the difference between financial and reputational headaches, and being able to get on with business as usual.

The sharp end of your business

Your job involves working with needles and blood all day, every day, which creates risks for you, your employees and any clients visiting your shop. There’s also the risk that someone may trip and fall on your premises. Injuries are upsetting, stressful and by their nature, unexpected. But they can also cost you time, money and possibly your reputation. We’ll cover you for expenses and legal claims, so you can get on with producing outstanding body art.

Technical problems

If your tattoo machine breaks down, everything stops until it’s up and running again. While that happens, you’ll have to cancel sittings, costing you time and money and possibly clients too, especially if you’re part-way through a design. Having tattoo shop insurance in place means we’ll cover the costs of repairs or replacements to get you back on track.

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Key types of insurance for tattooists

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for tattoo shops that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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