Business insurance for Roofers

As a roofer, insurance brings to mind some obvious things – working at heights, using ladders and spending your time on a roof. But as your business grows, there are other things to think about. You need to balance the need to find new contracts with completing projects already underway, keep clients happy and your workers and other people from accidents and injuries. Business insurance is there to make sure you have plans in place for the things you’re not expecting.

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Insuring your roofing business

If you work in roofing, you’ll already know it’s a demanding industry that takes hard work, organisation and planning. You’re always on the clock and you’ve always got lots of plates to spin. Whether it’s just you or you work for a large roofing company, insurance is there to cover the things you don’t expect. Sometimes things break and people make mistakes. At Hiscox we can tailor your insurance package to your trade and to the specific needs of your roofing company.

Why you need business insurance in roofing

Dealing with injuries

Roofing always carries an element of risk – but accidents happen at ground level too. Your employees could be injured as a result of a trip or fall. Apart from the stress of an injury, in practical terms it means losing time and money and possibly having to disappoint clients and miss deadlines. We’ll cover you for expenses and legal claims, so you can get on with the project in hand.

Your equipment and you

You can’t do your job without your specialist, often expensive equipment. If your ladders are stolen, your scaffolding is damaged, or the roofing materials delivered to you are sub-standard, your projects will be delayed. While that happens, deadlines are pushed back and you risk losing time and money while dealing with angry clients. As a professional roofer, business insurance means we’ll cover the costs of repairs or replacements and get you back on track.

Keeping data safe

In a trade like yours you pride yourself on great workmanship, it’s a practical endeavour. But increasingly, the internet underpins all kinds of business and it’s likely that you conduct some of your business online, whether it’s payments, accounts or just email details for your clients. Whatever information you hold, if it gets into the wrong hands it can be costly and expensive.

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Key types of insurance for the roofing industry

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These are just some of the types of business insurance for roofing firms that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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