Business insurance for Dieticians and nutritionist

One of the most important aspects of your job as a dietician or nutritionist is helping your clients create a healthier, happier body. While you always operate with professionalism and expertise, accidents can happen and your business could be vulnerable to claims that could prove devastating.

Comprehensive insurance for nutritional therapists and dieticians can help protect your business, keeping it fit and strong for years to come.

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Professional treatment liability insurance for dieticians

With your role involving making recommendations to your clients on how to best take care of their body, you’re constantly vulnerable to claims that your advice or actions have caused unexpected issues with regards to your clients’ wellbeing. As such, you may find professional treatment insurance is a crucial part of your dietician insurance cover.

Professional treatment liability insurance can provide protection against claims from your clients that your actions or advice has caused them to suffer an injury or illness. Hiscox can help cover the cost of compensation and legal fees in such an incident, as well as help pay any medical fees.

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Liability insurance for nutritionists

When it comes to liability insurance for nutritionists and dieticians, public liability insurance could be important if your business regularly interacts with members of the public. It can provide financial help to cover the cost of defending against, and paying compensation for, claims from members of the public that your business has caused them to suffer an injury, or caused damage to their property. It could cover you for situations such as:

  • If you accidentally cause damage to property: For example, if you accidentally spill liquid on a bag left on the floor by a member of the public.
  • If there’s an injury at your place of work, or as a result of your work: For example, if a member of the public slips on one of your leaflets while at your business premises.

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Employers’ liability insurance for dieticians

It’s a legal requirement to purchase employers’ liability insurance if you employ one or more members of staff. This type of liability insurance for nutritionists can provide financial aid if an employee claims that working for you has caused them to fall ill or become injured. It can cover the cost of providing compensation, treating injury, and defending or settling legal cases. It should be noted that employers’ liability insurance only covers your employees, and not members of the public or your clients.

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Do I need both public liability + employers’ liability insurance?

If you employ staff in your dietician or nutritional therapist business, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. When you’re purchasing insurance for nutritional therapists, you may want to also consider adding public liability insurance. Although it’s not a legal requirement, public liability insurance could prove crucial if a claim is made against your business by a member of the public. It’s worth noting that your employees are not covered by public liability insurance.

Our employers’ liability insurance is only available alongside Hiscox Public Liability Insurance.

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Office insurance

If your dietician business is based in a clinic – or if you hold your appointments at home – our office contents policy can be useful protection for your business. This type of dietician insurance is available for home or office-based small businesses in case their business equipment becomes damaged, lost or stolen. This insurance can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing your equipment, and can be combined with a range of specialist features including:

  • Tool cover: covers equipment used for your business, such as electronic scanning, monitoring and measuring equipment.
  • Portable equipment: covers equipment you take outside of your business premises, such as mobiles and laptops.
  • Business interruption: covers any financial losses you may experience if you’re unable to trade due to an unexpected interruption to your business.
  • Equipment breakdown: covers the cost of repairing or replacing any office equipment that has suffered a sudden electrical or mechanical breakdown.

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Personal accident insurance

While you’re busy taking care of your clients’ health, it can be frustrating if you fall ill yourself. And, if you fall seriously ill or become seriously injured and are unable to carry on working, the impact on your business could be devastating. Personal accident insurance can come in useful if you – or a key member of staff – find yourself in such a situation. This type of insurance for nutritional therapists can provide financial help to cover any losses your business might experience, as well as cover the costs of retraining staff, or paying medical bills. You can choose to receive the payment in weekly pay-outs or as one lump sum.

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