Business insurance for Nutritionists and dietitians

For a dietitian or nutritionist, insurance works to mitigate business risks – so you can focus on improving the health of those you help.

Risks can strike from several angles in your line of work. Someone could claim your nutritional care plan caused them adverse effects, or your roller banner might break projector equipment during a presentation. An accident could even mean you’re unable to work, leaving an appointment book full of cancellations.

Nutritionist insurance lets you focus on helping people to maintain healthy lifestyles, knowing your cover can help with reputational or financial setbacks.

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Why do nutritionists and dietitians need insurance?

Illness flare up

During sessions with a client, you educate them on ways to improve their health by altering their diet and devise a nutritional care plan. Unexpectedly, the client says your plan has caused their irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to flare up and brings a claim against you. Making recommendations is part and parcel of your role. However, this means you could be vulnerable to claims that your well-meaning advice has caused harm. Professional, treatment and public liability insurance can provide welcome reassurance to a dietitian in these instances.

Presentation mishap

A charity asks you to present at their health and wellbeing event and you arrive early to set up your presentation. However, as attendees start to filter in, some leaflets are falling from seats onto the floor as people pass by. Unfortunately, someone slips on a flyer, sustaining a hip injury in the process, and they decide to begin legal proceedings. As a nutritionist, you regularly interact with people, so having insurance in place to mitigate this kind of risk could prove useful. Your professional, treatment and public liability insurance can help with costs.

Booking system breach

Becoming a self-employed dietitian or nutrition consultant means setting up your website – an exciting milestone. You create an online booking form for appointment requests and manage contact data digitally. A few weeks in, you notice some customer information has been duplicated. After contacting experts, it becomes apparent that hackers have used the booking form to gain access to your entire network. With Hiscox cyber and data cover, we’ll support you with costs and send in experts to restore systems.

What insurance is available for nutritionists and dietitians?

Professional treatment liability insurance and public liability insurance can be helpful for diet and nutrition professionals. So, we have combined them into one product – professional, treatment and public liability insurance. Though we talk about them separately below, professional, treatment and public liability insurance is a combined cover with one combined limit. You can get public liability cover as a dietitian or nutritionist by purchasing this combined cover. Contact us for more details about Hiscox business insurance policies.

A nutritionist or dietitian may also benefit from other products as part of their policy, including employers’ liability insurance when taking on staff, property and contents cover, cyber insurance and cover for portable equipment.

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Insurance for nutritionists and dietitians: FAQs

What nutritionist insurance do I need for working from home?

Many of the responsibilities you hold as a nutritionist will still apply while you’re working from home. Your business may therefore benefit from building suitable home-based cover. This can be especially helpful if your home insurance doesn’t cover the equipment you use in your role as a nutritionist – a laptop or business phone, for instance.

Your position requires you to regularly offer advice, no matter where you’re based – this means professional, treatment and public liability insurance may always be relevant cover. Whether you head out to talks and conferences or welcome clients to your home for sessions, this cover might also provide welcome protection for these interactions.

What is the difference between dietitians and nutritionists?

Dietitians train to be able to advise individuals based on their diet for medical conditions. Meanwhile, the training nutritionists undergo allows them to advise on a broader scale, or for population dietary requirements. For instance, a nutritionist might be more likely to work with organisations that don’t specialise in healthcare, such as charities or supermarket brands.

However, a nutritionist can broaden their skillset by taking further training which allows them to provide guidance on a one-to-one basis.

At Hiscox, we provide insurance cover for both professions as well as nutritional therapists.

Does Hiscox nutritionist insurance cover working with children?

Yes, at Hiscox we understand that the business of a nutritionist isn’t solely devoted to helping adults, so our insurance covers nutrition professionals who work with children.

For example, you might partner with an educational trust to give nutrition talks in schools or use your expertise to help devise their menus. Alternatively, if you’ve taken further training to issue one-to-one advice, a child might be referred to you to help manage their relationship with food.

You’ll need to be able to prove your qualifications in the event of a claim – whether working with adults, children or within another specialism.

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