Business insurance for therapists

Administering physical or psychological therapy is delicate practice, so insurance can help protect your business.

A dietitian’s client may say they fell ill because of nutritional advice, or an acupuncturist might face equipment damage.

With Hiscox, you can tailor your therapy insurance policy focused on the work you do. We’ve even designed a specialist combined professional, treatment and public liability insurance to safeguard against the risks of your industry, adding further protection.

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We may be able to offer you cover based on your business sector.

Looks like you're having trouble finding an exact match.

We may be able to offer you cover based on your business sector.

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Therapy professions that Hiscox covers

Key types of insurance for therapists

Your industry is diverse, which means not every insurance product may be available for your profession to purchase. Generate a quote with Hiscox online or get in touch with our experts to discuss what’s available for you.

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