Business insurance for Equine businesses

Whether you’re running your own stables, a professional riding school or a livery yard, for any equine business, insurance is an essential consideration. Working with horses in any capacity is likely to be a job you love doing, but you’ll already know that it carries certain risks with it. To make sure everyone’s as safe as possible and that your business is covered for the unexpected, you need a comprehensive business insurance policy in place.

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Insuring your equine business

Working with horses means you can combine your personal and professional passions, but sometimes things go wrong – horses are unpredictable and so are the people riding them, especially if they lack experience. Riders can fall and sustain an injury, an employee might be kicked by a horse they’re unfamiliar with, or your tack and tools might just be damaged. Business insurance for equine businesses provides a tailored policy that lets you concentrate on enjoying your job.

Why you need insurance for equine businesses

A rider is injured in a fall

If a horse unexpectedly bolts, then even an experienced rider could be thrown to the ground. It could mean a couple of days away from work or it might be several weeks – either way that could see you held to account with a large bill for compensation. With public liability insurance you’re covered for the legal costs of defending the case and any settlement you might need to pay.

Struck by a horsebox

No amount of experience can guard against random accidents. If you’re struck by a horsebox while transporting horses to a trials event it could mean a serious injury, or at least an inconvenience. If you can’t ride, or teach, your personal accident insurance will provide a weekly pay-out or lump sum. It’ll also help to cover the costs of retraining an employee to undertake the work you can’t do until you’re fit and well again.

A mobile generator breaks down

If your business travels to public events you may well rely on a mobile generator to provide power. If it breaks down during an event you’ll need it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Equipment breakdown insurance covers you for the hire, repair or replacement of equipment. It’s there to make sure you can quickly source whatever you need to get back on track, so you can keep to your schedule with minimum disruption.

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Key types of insurance for equine businesses

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These are just some of the types of insurance for equine businesses that we can offer. We can provide other specific types of cover and build them into a policy that’s tailored to the exact needs of your business.

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