Business insurance for Antique dealers

Often dealing with decades-old or even centuries-old artefacts, you take great care in everything you do in your antique dealer business. However, no matter how attentive you are at every stage – from procurement and valuation to restoration and selling – unforeseen accidents and incidents can jeopardise your business. Keep your business protected for years – or even decades – to come with comprehensive antique dealer insurance.

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Antique dealer public liability insurance

As a business that regularly deals with members of the public, purchasing public liability insurance could prove crucial to the health of your business. It can help protect you against claims from members of the public that they’ve sustained an injury, become ill or suffered damage to their property due to your business. This form of antique dealer’s insurance can provide the financial assistance needed to defend against – and settle – claims, as well as pay any medical or repair bills.

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Employers’ liability insurance for antique dealers

If you employ one or more people in your antique dealer business, you’re legally required to purchase employers’ liability insurance. This type of cover can provide financial assistance if one of your employees claim that working for you has caused them to become ill or injured. It can cover medical and legal bills as well as any compensation that might be due.

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Do I need both public liability + employers’ liability insurance?

In order to protect your business fully, you may need to purchase both public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance. However, while employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ at least one person in your business, you’re not legally required to purchase public liability insurance. That said, if your business regularly encounters members of the public, public liability insurance can come in handy against claims.

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Office insurance

For many antique dealers, your tools are as important a part of your work as your expert knowledge of antiques. Our office contents policy can provide financial assistance for home or office-based small businesses in the event that business equipment becomes damaged, lost or stolen and needs to be repaired or replaced.

You can also add a range of specialist covers to your policy, including:

  • Tool cover: covering any equipment and tools you use for your antique dealer business.
  • Portable equipment: covering any equipment you take outside of your business premises such as mobiles and laptops.
  • Business interruption: covering the financial losses you might experience if your business is unexpectedly interrupted and unable to trade.
  • Equipment breakdown: covering the cost of repairing or replacing any equipment that has been damaged after a sudden electrical or mechanical breakdown.

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Cyber and data insurance

While you deal in antiques, your business is likely to be suitably modern, with much of your record keeping, stock taking and even research being done on computers. Unfortunately, this brings with it the risk of your systems being attacked by a hacker or experiencing a data leak. In these situations, our cyber and data insurance could prove invaluable. It can provide year-round financial assistance with any legal or recovery costs you might incur in the event of an incident.

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Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance is designed to support you and your business if you, or a key employee, find yourselves seriously ill or injured and unable to work. This form of insurance for antique dealers can provide financial assistance

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