What’s in the make-up of a small business owner? While every freelancer, sole trader and SME founder is different, there’s also certain internal qualities that are common to those who choose to be their own boss.

Often these qualities come to the fore at difficult periods – these are the times when you find out what you’re made of. Whether it’s internal drive or resilience, those with an entrepreneurial spirit often share certain traits.

So, what are you made of?

Start by taking a look at our interactive infographic that profiles the DNA of an entrepreneur. Featuring insight from Luke Johnson and research from Gallup and Hiscox’s own DNA of an Entrepreneur report, the infographic lists the traits Luke believes characterises any entrepreneur. Are there any you recognise in yourself?

You can also take our personality calculator to discover what your core business type you and your client fall under and what’s likely to make you tick.

And hear stories from small business owners who drew on their inner resolve at one of the most testing points in their business’ history.

After all, it never hurts to know what lies within.

Find out how three small business owners drew on their inner entrepreneurial strengths in our Moment That Made Me series.