Geek. Once a derogatory term, but since reclaimed and upgraded by entrepreneurs, coders, and pretty much anyone passionate about creating exciting new things for the world to enjoy. In our Geek to Peak series we look at how tech has schooled the world, one app, platform and piece of software at a time.

Tech geeks have been a feature of popular culture ever since the arrival of personal computers. Remember the 1980s flicks War Games – thermo nuclear destruction via your home computer anyone? – and Weird Science? Nothing changes really except Hollywood is now making pictures about real life tech geeks such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in the Social Network.

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The change reflects a transition for the individual who once might have been dubbed the class tech geek and is now more likely to be an aspirational young professional, working in the super cool and uber trendy districts springing up in cities worldwide from London’s Silicon Roundabout, to Berlin’s Kreuzberg, Chicago’s River North, or Minneapolis’ North Loop; full of aspiration, designing and building apps, and launching the next big thing onto the world’s tech stage.

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In short, many tech ‘geeks’ have made the journey from geek to peak. And we’re not just talking about successful individuals here. The tech sector as a whole has inspired a wave of copycats. We’re all mimicking tech startup culture and ways of working – from marketing and social media to publishing and finance (business insurance even) we’re all talking tech – Beta? Fail fast? Agile?

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From Geek to Peak - How tech schooled the world

So what’s driven the tech ‘geek’ transformation?

The tech boom of this century is built on the transformative impact of the internet to change how we live our lives at work and at home. Businesses, from taxi firms to publishers, to hotels, and yes, even insurance companies like us, have had their business models turned upside down by the opportunities that the internet offers to interact and serve their customers. There is nothing ‘back office’ about how technology drives business today. Technology and the ‘geeks’ that drive and shape it are up front and centre for almost every business you can think of.

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Even business practices are mimicking the tech world. A new product to market? ‘Fail fast, fail often’ has long been Silicon Valley’s mantra and is increasingly accepted by more traditional business sectors. Agile methodologies, typically used in software development, are being  used throughout business to incorporate change through incremental stages. Even cultural business practices are being adopted from the tech world; stand-up meetings, open plan offices, hot desking, that large exercise ball the chief executive now uses instead of the leather chair.

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And remember, the tech geeks might not inherit the world, but they’re doing a good job of shaping it.