Vulnerable Customers

Everyone has the potential to be vulnerable. Discover how we can help you.

Everyone has the potential to be vulnerable. It can happen at any stage of life and in a variety of circumstances.

At Hiscox, ensuring the fair treatment of customers, regardless of their circumstance, is a given. For our vulnerable customers this often means extra help and support is needed, and we're committed to providing this in a way that is both sensitive and flexible.

If you have any special requirements - from alternative document formats to a preferred way of speaking with us - you can talk to any of our staff. We have a company-wide approach to training, ensuring that all customer-facing colleagues can identify vulnerabilities in a customer and provide the help that they need, in a way that suits them. We also have a dedicated team who ensure vulnerable customer feedback is acted upon quickly, so that we can keep improving.

If you're a Hiscox customer who would benefit from extra support, or you just need some additional guidance on the best products for you, please get in touch. If you took your policy out through an insurance broker, please contact them directly and we will work with them to best provide assistance.

The following organisations may also provide useful information and support for customers with vulnerabilities:

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