The strain of the recession has increased pressure for some entrepreneurs, however it hasn’t dampened their determination to face everyday challenges. Research we conducted earlier this year found evidence of optimism as half of business owners (50%) expect to grow this year. Regardless, stress remains an issue that needs to be addressed as just over three quarters (77%) reported suffering ailments in the workplace.

By being aware of stress tipping points and following some basic steps to reduce anxiety, business owners are better able to focus on running a successful business. We created a Hiscox SME Health infographic entitled ‘Entrepreneurs, how to beat stress at the office’ using tips from Physiologist Donna Dawson to help small business owners understand their stress tipping points and what they can do to help address these.

If you have any other ideas on how to relieve stress or have any feedback on our ‘how to beat stress’ infographic it would be great to hear your thoughts.

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How to beat stress at the office Hiscox infographic

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