What do we know about building a business?We know how difficult it is to run a company. As one of the UK’s largest small business insurers we have people who spend their days speaking to entrepreneurs like you. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge about what makes successful small businesses tick, and we want to share that with you through this blog.

We also run our own business. Hiscox has grown from being a small, family-owned firm with a handful of employees and revenue of a few million pounds, to become a multinational FTSE 250 company with income of £1.5 billion last year.

But we still have the same outlook on life as we did when we were a small company. We have a real passion for our work and for looking after our clients. We see ourselves as being different from our rivals, just like you.

We’ve experienced the same growing pains that any small company has. You name it and we’ve been there, done it and probably bought the t-shirt. We’ve learnt plenty of lessons along the way (some of them harsh) and we want to use this blog to help entrepreneurs who are just starting out or those who have a business but are wondering how to take it forwards to its next stage.

The blog will bring together insights from the Hiscox team, as well as video and research we conduct to understand the world of an entrepreneur.

I understand the challenges entrepreneurs face because I have been involved in running a businesses. I have worked in  my  family’s clothing firm growing up and have done  pretty much everything there from running a shop to attending catwalk shows.  I am still an entrepreneur at heart as and have been involved in a number of start-ups.

You will also hear from Alan Thomas who can best be described as a small business “mechanic”. He likes nothing better than to look under the bonnets of the companies he deals with to understand how they work and to see if he can help tune them up so they perform better.  Both myself and Alan will be sharing their ideas and views in regular blogs.

We also like to think we know a bit about branding. It’s certainly helped our business become one of the most identifiable brands in our sector. Our marketing campaigns have won awards and Annabel Venner, our marketing director, will be sharing some tips on how to build a strong brand with your customers.

At Hiscox we don’t have much time for accepted wisdom, because the people who believe it often don’t have the courage or imagination to think for themselves.  We’ve got something to say on just about every aspect of running a business, so we won’t be short of subjects to blog about, that’s for sure. And please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about what we say. We want this to be an interactive forum for like-minded people who love their business and business in general.