The team have come up with an out-of-the-box product idea with their C3D skype hologram and it seems to have caught the eye of a competitor. Not only are they now faced with an impossible deadline after Jack dropped them in it with the media saying they would launch in three months – three times faster than they planned – they also find their office has been trashed, computers stolen and morale severely dampened.

Enter an unconventional detective and the team need to make a decision on whether they should be telling the police and risk bad publicity with only three months to get up and running and complete their product…..

But what if this was just a real business? How would they get back on their feet after a break-in? Have they thought about a contingency plan to keep the business running while they sort themselves out? We have seen with our clients just how much benefit can be gained by thinking through what steps would keep their business running in the case of a fire or office break in. Simple measures such as nominating who will actually let the team know if there has been a fire or how investigating a hot or alternative site where key staff can work and then making sure all these details are documented clearly in a plan.

Another key point to think about is data and how it is stored. Many businesses these days have an online presence and this can put them at risk from hackers or loss of data if a server is stolen. Backing up data is an essential step for all businesses and there are many third parties who can store your data off-site.

This step can mean if something does happen and your data is compromised it isn’t back to square one.
So, what’s the next step for C3D? Finding the people who broke into their office could let them exact some revenge, but will it help them get their product to market on time?